Archer thralls?

What is the best archer in the game I seem to find T4 archers that always start on accuracy 0 but then for some reason you’ll find a fighter thrall with 35 accuracy the only all right archers I seem to find are always down in the desert area or by the black galleon

You can always equip a bow on a fighter thrall. As far as I know, that title doesn’t matter much.

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Thats what I was wondering like even though the accuracy is lower I wasn’t sure if archers were just better because they were archers

But they are. “Accuracy” does matter for Thralls of the same type, tier and the same faction. But if you compare different Thralls with the same Accuracy/Strength then you’ll notice that they make different damage with the same weapon. There are some hidden factors for all the followers, two of them are key factors for damage, namely DamageModifierMelee and DamageModifierRanged. They are constant values for all the followers of the same type, race and faction. You can train T4 Exile Fighter, get decent Strength points, but he/she’ll perform much worse than a Relic Hunter with the same Strength because of very low DamageModifierMelee. Bearers and Entertainers have even lower factors. Archers have good DamageModifierRanged, but relatively low DamageModifierMelee. Most Fighters have relatively low DamageModifierRanged, but some of them are equally good at melee and ranged combat. You can see those factors for your Followers in Admin mode using console commands.


This has by far been the best information for me thank you thank you!

Try catching Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers from the Wine Cellar (they are a bit easier to get there than in the Unnamed City). If you get Archer then you get the one with almost the best DamageModifierRanged and use him/her as an Archer. If you get Fighter then you can use him/her as an Archer as well because Relics are one of the few Fighters with “archer” DamageModifierRanged (and one of the best DamageModifierMelee). Beastmaster Teimos is another Jack of all trades, but he is one, and Relics are many.

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