Best damage archer Thrall on Siptah

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Pretty much title.

The black dragon master archer seems quite decent with stats of Agi 15, vit 10, acc 20

Are there better options? I am on console so am unsure of the "hidden’ damage modifier.


Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker.

If they have 0 Accuracy, they do the same damage as a Freya or Varpnir with 60 Accuracy with the same weapon. A Black Dragon Archer would need in excess of 100+ Accuracy to equal the damage of a 0 Accuracy RHTS.

Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers are guaranteed spawns in Exiled Lands. If you intend to play on Siptah, remember to take a few with, both archers and fighters.

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Just doing a siptah playthroigh thanks though

It’s a while since I’ve been on Siptah, but if you can come up with a few names of the Siptah archers, I don’t mind hopping on and grabbing the ‘hidden’ modifiers for you. (I can’t guarantee to be able to find them all - the spawn tables sometimes use a completely different name - but I should be able to identify most of the ones you’re interested in).

I don’t know much about the console side of things, but do you have access to admin commands? If so, we can tell you how to check the thrall yourself:

getfollowerstat DamageModifierRanged

Use that in the console while the follower is following you. But you have to be logged on as admin (can be done in Singleplayer). This will give you those hidden multipliers. They literally apply to the weapon damage. So for the thrall I gave before they have a 2.52 modifier, so if you’re using a bow and arrow combo that does say 50 damage, it would do 126 damage plus accuracy modifiers.

The thrall you mentioned has like 1.89 and with the same setup would do 95 damage. And I think they get less damage bonus per point of accuracy too.

The whole system is kinda crap, but hopefully it will see a revamp.

If you are looking for Archers only available in Siptah, named accursed are your best option. The actual named accursed “archers” (Ulric & Markos) have the best modifiers, but named accursed fighters are a close second, with accursed berserkers being a decent third option.

Unfortunately surge archers have garbage modifiers, though high hp. Exiled has a much better selection if archer thralls are your desire.


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