Thrall Stats Spreadsheet

I spent this morning in single player spawning and updating a spreadsheet on google docs. I have hidden the damage columns until we are able to get some actual values, since a percent by itself tells you absolutely nothing. The spreadsheet has Base Health, HP per Point of Vitality, and Armor per Point of Agility all calculated.

Link to the spreadsheet is below, the Thrall Stats tab is the main one you want, the other tabs contain some other info I have used in the past and a few of them are probably out of date, I’ll probably update them for my own benefit at some point. I’ve included an explanation in this post of where the numbers came from. Hope it helps!

Conan Exiles Thrall Stats


  • [Base Health] = [Max Spawn Health] - [Bonus from Vitality]

  • [HP/Point] = [Bonus from Vitality] (with 1 armor piece that gives 1 Vitality for Factions with 0 starting Vitality) or [Bonus from Vitality] / [Vitality]

  • [Armor/Point] = [Bonus from Agility] (with 1 armor piece that gives 1 Agility for Factions with 0 starting Agility) OR [Bonus from Agility] / [Agility]

From what I can tell, no thralls have a base Armor value. Armor put into a thrall (leveled or not) ends up giving them the total value of the Armor + the Bonus from Agility, it’s a flat number.

I didn’t include Survival because, while it is marginally useful to reduce the time that they bleed, are crippled, or take damage from a poison coated weapon, in PvP most of your thralls are going to be killed by Acid/Poison arrows, which create a cloud. I don’t believe that the Survival stat affects the damage they take while standing happily inside a poison cloud, it just reduces how long they still take damage once the cloud dissipates. I could be wrong though. Either way it suffers from the same problem as Damage since we are given only a percentage.

The biggest problem is Damage. I imagine that different factions have different base damages, much like they have different base HP. The only number you see is a % increase per level of strength/accuracy which is completely meaningless, a percentage tells you absolutely nothing if you don’t know what it’s a percentage of. I play on Xbox so I can’t datamine the files, if anyone gets any hard numbers I would love to include them, but I’m not going to guesstimate based on “I killed stuff with 1 hit vs 2” since there is a lot more going on and that kind of information suffers heavily from perception bias.

Possible Issues across Factions:

  • A lot of the lower tier factions have no difference between Fighters and Archers, while most of the higher tiers do, this may be intentional but is probably a mistake.

  • The Black Hand Fighter and Archer Base Health and HP/Point seem to be backwards.

  • The Darfari archers base stats are way too low (but who cares).

  • While most Factions get 10 Armor per Point of Agility, some get 8. Not sure if this is intentional. The Darfari Archer only gets 6 (but again, who cares).

  • The HP/Point distribution seems a bit wonky, with many Factions having a Fighter value twice as high as the Archer value while others have the same for both. Not sure which way they intended it to work, or if they wanted some Factions to have a different ratio.

  • While every other Faction gets a total of 45 points distributed across their stats, the Black Hand gets 50. Maybe someone at Funcom is just really into Pirates.

Possible Issues with individual thralls:

  • The Cimmerian Berserker (Forgotten Tribe T4 Fighter) has the Archer Base Health and HP/Point instead of the Fighter, this is probably a mistake so I would avoid deploying them on your server for now.

  • Beastmaster Teimos (Black Hand T4 Fighter) is currently spawning with over twice the HP/Point as any other faction, probably a mistake, but since his starting Accuracy is 30 you may want to use him to fill any remaining archer guards you still need to deploy, because once they fix him it’s possible that the ones already deployed may keep that stat.

If anyone finds a mistake on my numbers, please let me know so I can check it, but I’m 99% sure they are correct. I do have 1 Bearer in the mix, I may add the other ones and Dancers as well at some point, but with the current thrall cap I know my clan will have very few of either.

On a side note, Perks are definitely important, but since they are (to my knowledge) completely random, I feel like they make more of a difference on a comparison between two of the same thralls rather than factoring them in when comparing Factions. Same with the increase percentages.

With the raw data on HP and Armor you can get an idea of what kind of thrall you want for the job, then you can tame a hundred of them and level them all up and keep the one with the best perks and/or points gained while leveling. Unfortunately, since there is absolutely no way to accurately judge damage, I’m personally just going to use the Faction “ranking” from lowest to highest and assume that Exiles do the worst and Voltaries does the best (base), but who knows what the truth is.


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