Bugged thralls in volcano

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The Archer T4 thralls from volcano area have same base stats as fighters, making them completely useless as archers.

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  1. Tame a fighter
  2. Tame an archer
  3. Compare stats
  4. Compare go
  5. Facepalm

It’s not a bug but some issue in game mechanics. I hope Funcom will fine-tune their RNG to give archers more archer perks and higher probability to get archer stats in their next hotfix.

I really think that they meant the volcano thralls to have 15 accuracy and 2 survival instead of the other way around. That would essentially make them the most well rounded but not best in any class thrall. Mind you looking at the data for thralls and across factions, there are several glaring errors in the stat/health distribution.

I put a spreadsheet together, and have a post in the Players Helping Players thread that explains more about it and possible errors.

Conan Exiles Thrall Stats

Post with Spreadsheet Summary


Thank you, good work! :kissing_heart:

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