Thrall pathing in volcano still broken

Hello all,

This’ll be my first post here, so be gentle.

To get into the meat of it, I recently lost a t4 volcano fighter wielding a Sword of Crom while nowhere even near lava. I wasn’t even able to find his corpse after scouring dozens of meters in all directions, so the best I can guess is that he teleported under the ground or somewhere ludicrously far away.

I made it a point to only stay on paths that are quite far from the lava, so this is quite disappointing. Spinas took tens of hours to farm, as did the Sword of Crom, and it’s incredibly frustrating to lose all the work to some arcane pathfinding.

I love the improvements the team has made to the game, it brought me back after a six month hiatus, but this particular issue has existed since day one and seriously needs to be addressed.

Many others have suggested ways of rectifying this(giving lava water physics, reworking the volcano lava mesh, non instakill lava, or just better thrall pathfinding). Some of these may be possible, or none of them, but we really need a solution to this because it utterly kills the game to have so much effort thrown into the blender.

I left the game previously after several t4 votaries fighters teleported into structures and exploded, and that has thankfully been fixed, but this situation is making me doubt my time and money commitment to this game once again(527 hours played, all DLC purchased).

I love Conan Exiles, and I love the Conan Exiles team, so please make this a priority. Thanks for reading.

Notes : Thrall death message appeared shortly after entering combat with a rock nose king in the poison gas area adjacent to the westernmost bridge in the upper volcano area. The thrall was ascending an incline after entering the area from the south when it teleported to an unknown location and instantly died. Thrall(Spinas the Marauder) was full health preceding death and its corpse was unable to be found.

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