Volcano: fighter thrall suddenly died

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe

Fighter Thrall suddenly dead in volcano. I was exploring the volcano (my first time there), and on the “Walkway of the Devout” I suddenly got the message “Cimmerian Berserker has died while following you”. I was not near lava or anything. I couldn’t find his body.
Is it supposed to be this way in the volcano?!
If so: not cool, man … not cool!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Get a Cimmerian Berserker thrall. Nurture him at your bosom and develop a strong emotional bond to him. Give him a name. Like “Nigel”.
  2. Go exploring with Nigel in the volcano, enjoying life together. Be happy.
  3. At the “Walkway of the Devout”, suddenly get the message “Cimmerian Berserker was killed while following you”
  4. Search for his corpse with tears in your eyes, never finding it, unable to give him a proper funeral.
  5. Go into deep depression, drinking heavily.
  6. Pull yourself together and go get a new Cimmerian Berserker thrall. Tell him, that he can never fill the emotional void that Nigel left. Keep this new guy at a distance, never getting too close, never opening up to him. It just isn’t worth it.
  7. Die lonely and cold, your last thought being of Nigel and the happy times you had a long, long time ago.

That is quite mysterious since lava is no longer an insta-kill and you clearly stated not near lava. I’m assuming you had him geared with flawless or epic heavy armor? Were you in motion when the message was displayed or standing still? Had you run and traversed a large enough distance to teleport your thrall to you pretty steadily or were you doing a slow and more detailed search of something in a close proximity? I cannot see an obvious explanation from the info provided sorry ADDED: although I thoroughly enjoyed your steps to reproduce

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Hi there, Ranson - thanks for your reply!

At the time I got the message, I was moving, running along the “Walkway of the Devout”, not stopping to examine anything.
The terrain I had traversed just prior to the Walkway was straight forward, the kind of terrain a thrall usually has no problem just running across.
There had been no fighting for quite awhile.
Nigel was, indeed, wearing flawless epic heavy armor (DLC stuff) and he was wielding a legendary two-handed sword.

I know this will not bring him back. Nothing can fill the cold void where my heart used to be. But I hope this post can help change the security regulations of the Volcano - I mean, those Skelos guys have no railings and don’t even wear helmets! It’s an outrage!


Hey @Cage8

Sorry to hear about your loss. We’ve sent a stern note to the Skelos association to increase security regulations within their premises.


I’m sorry but it still remains a mystery to me. Something you can always try is to enter single player mode and using the admin panel, spawn in a Cimmerian berserker (gear him if u like but might not matter). Retrace your steps and see if you can duplicate. I have admitted before my reluctance to go to the volcano regularly so perhaps someone with more time than me in that biome can shed light. I did go up there last week for serpent man recipes on a new server and carried a thrall. Mainly took the thrall just to see how they behave in the new lava and did not have any problems myself. Hope you keep posting though, good to have community members with a sense of humor.

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Sorry for your loss. As I read your post, I pressed [F] to pay my respects.

This is probably the main reason I do not venture into the volcano biome with a following thrall. I am very careful and paranoid after losing Pelor the Well-traveled there. (FFFFFFFFFFFF).

I have witnessed anomalies with following thralls, and whether they chose to hustle and run behind you, or if they get stuck on terrain and stop… wait… and then teleport. Further, I have found cases where when they do teleport back to you, there is a chance that they will chose poor coordinates, or will teleport to a spot that you do not have access to (a walkable space behind a rock, door that does not open for players, bulkhead, etc.). Most notably there is one of the temples in the Dagon Sunken City that has a barrier that appears to be a door that simply does not work or open. I’ve seen Erii port back behind there. Clearly, a space that isn’t intended for players (I would consider this mesh). However, Erii was allowed to port there. Another place where I observed this was in Hanuman’s Grotto. The loyal dude there got a lucky full combo on me, and killed me. When I came back to collect my items and extract revenge, Erii was stuck behind one of the rock bulkheads that crystals sit on.

In your case - there actually is lava all around. Even where there isn’t lava immediately at your feet - the game is mapped in layers, and there is absolutely a watertable type “lava table”. If your dear Nigel ported to a cavity close to you on X and Y axis, but a little whack on the Z axis (up/down), then he may have found himself in some mesh area that is at or below the lava table. Part of the teleporting around includes a delay - mainly to prevent them from totally wigging out. While Nigel was waiting to repath to you, that was likely long enough for the molten earth to swallow him, unceremoniously.

Loading up the game in Single Player to try and recreate is a good idea. But it could be very tedious to recreate the same “jaunt” and conditions that occurred and took Nigel from you too soon.

Until we have a “thralls now use some sense around lava” patch from Funcom, I would use full-blown caution with thralls in the volcano. Like, don’t sprint too fast. And keep a watch on them. Constantly. With V key.

Pelor died when I quick hopped up on some obstacle rocks to get around to some obsidian. Pelor didn’t like hopping, and said “No worries, sir! I’ll be right there. I can jog to you from around this w… ttssssshhh!!” As soon as I hopped up on the rocks, and saw that he was rushing off toward the molten stream - I knew it was too late. :frowning:

RIP Nigel. RIP Pelor.


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