Yeah, so ... I lost another Cimmerian Berserker in the volcano

**Game mode:**Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe

Hello, it’s me again - Nigel’s dad.

Tonight I lost another Cimmerian Berserker thrall int he volcano.
This time, I was running along a bridge made by another player, that was placed low above the lava. I took no damage at all, but apparently my thrall couldn’t resist the temptation to dip through the building pieces, and take a bath in the lava. Naughty ■■■■■■, that one!
Fortunately, this time I could, at least, find his body and plunder it.

This game is so, so buggy. It’s not even fun to make fun of anymore - it’s just annoying to the Nth degree!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Bring your new thrall, with which you have an entirely platonic relationship, to the volcano region
  2. Get the message “Cimmerian Berserker has been killed while following you” … yet again
  3. Turn around to find his corpse
  4. Loot the body and stare at it, laughing maniacally
  5. Go into therapy, twice a week, knowing that it will never REALLY solve your fundamental issues

I hate that. I lost Pelor The Well-Traveled in the volcano. Not quite the same scenario - it was a pathing issue. I hopped over a rock, and Pelor figured he would take the “short cut” where there were no rocks to leap over. That short cut led through a wide stream of lava. I turned in time to see him dash right into it. :frowning:

I know that this doesn’t fix the issue - but I keep a really tight leash on thralls in that biome.

Taking thralls or pets to the Volcano biome is playing with danger, period. However, @Cage8 if you are determined to do so, I find it is best to only take expendable ones with you


I do just that. Last time I went there I took a level 2 norheimer and I jumped over the lava so he ran straight thru following me but I kept running so it only took 800 hp damage out of 2700 so it lived. Volcano isn’t as bad as before when touching the lava was insta death but I will still be cautious lol

I honestly thought that walking in the lava was still instant death for followers, but it has been a long time since I have actually taken a companion there. Pretty much for the reasons we have all discussed. Sheesh your follower was lucky there Chilling.

Yeah it was a narrow stretch of lava and only for one sec and he took 800 damage, sometimes they ignore you and decide to stand still and don’t follow right away therefore standing in the lava for long enough to kill them. In my case I do believe I got lucky. I follow your recommendation and always take a level 2 thrall there cause I may not always get lucky lol

Another safe process is to place the follower on ground in guard, then select guard again and ‘carry’ him over the lava. If in a relatively safe spot, place him, then tell him to follow again. Time consuming and distance limited, but mostly effective.



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And don’t give them important items or Legendary gear!!!

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i also advice u to learn how to solo! takes more time, it is harder, but it is way more rewarding!
in biomes like volcano the thrall is what a thrall should be! someone u cannot rely on!
Invest in ur own characters tactics, and learn how not to rely on a thrall! there is a satisfaction factor in this that makes u feel like a survivor

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Yeah, I have to concur with not using a Thrall in the Volcano, which de-facto makes it one of if not the hardest area in the game (outside of a few dungeons perhaps) to run solo. Which IMO is as it should be, albeit not for the right reasons (AI’s failure to negotiate the terrain/lava).


@Cage8 Generals can mourn the loss of a soldier, but cannot let that dissuade them from their objective. I hope that whatever you ventured there for was worth the price. If your cause was just then he was proud to sacrifice himself. (You can’t help the ones that want to jump on grenades)

But you’re right, I really wish they would work out those bugs. They can be quite annoying but after a while you just see it as one more obstacle you have to fight through. Keep on thralling and fill those wheels, you’ll need them.

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Jumping on a grenade to save your teammates is commendable. Jumping on a grenade just because it’s there is stupid.

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I think they said something (maybe during a stream?) about working on fixing AI pathfinding in the volcano.

I’m sure they are fully aware at this point that thralls think lava is preferable to solid ground.

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