Thrall Entering/Exiting Volcano

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: NA

Someone gonna fix this /follow thrall disappearing? Thats the second time I’ve lost a really good hard to get long to cook thrall from a bug.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Get your best thrall set to /follow
2.walk into dragon mouth
3.lose thrall
4.turn into french fry while mourning the loss of your BEST FRIGGIN THRALL

You can place a Wheel of pain inside Volcano (I placed mine near the Obelisk) or exit Volcano using the Secret Way in the South West, there is no teleport there :slight_smile:

They’re not referring to dragging/taming thralls from the Volcano, they’re talking about the issue with combat thralls on Follow despawning when you take any of the 3 loading zone shortcuts into the volcano.

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Yes, I am referring to the load screen erasing your thrall upon entry. I haven’t gone in and tried to tame a thrall in or from the volcano yet.

and i’m sure you’ll be enjoying it, especially at the well of skelos :wink:

Workaround. Use side entrance. Still…