Well of Skelos ?thrall bug

Went to kill the volcano boss with 3 friends and we all had thrall fighters with us. Happily doing good until we all jumped into the vortex well, when we came out the other side, all of us had a message saying our thralls been killed!
Anyone else had this problem/bug? (btw still got the recipes and boss) Losing good thralls with good gear not good!


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While you were loading in, they might’ve loaded into the lava and killed them.

Are you sure all was doing well until you jumped ?

I lose pets/thralls 75% of the times I try to reach the Well of Skelos (so after 3-4 timesI stopped using them to go there), we built a 4 pieces large stairs from the Walkway of the Devout, but every time they stop and refuse to follow us from the point where the ground begins to be inclined, and when teleported near us 75% of the times they appeared, yes, “near” us… but into the lava :hot_face:

But the few times they reached the Well, I never had the problem you describe: every jump was succesful for them, even if they appeared at my side only after I started to leave the pit where you appear after the teleport.

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we never even saw the thralls die, but you saying that they prob teleport in lava makes sense, but still stoopid bug!


I know that feeling, because if you want to make composite obsidian with this bug you’re forced to do only few quantities dued to encoumbrance limit without a pet/thrall.

But time ago I read in a patch release note devs are aware of the bug and they trying to improuve the ability of follower to follow you in difficoult environments like this.

Is it related to this maybe?

Apparently this may happen even if the landing zone is not hazardous. I’ve never lost a thrall this way so can’t say how common occurence this is.

Landing in (possibly hidden) lava is, naturally, another viable explanation.

I have lost several T4 fighter thralls and their end-game armor sets in the Volcano (and nowhere else, incidentally).

The place is not safe for thralls - they tend to teleport (or straight up walk) into the Lava for no good reason.

The good news, such as it is, is that even with the recent buffs to NPCs, you don’t really need a thrall to be in the Volcano.

What if you keep the thrall and armor in your inventory when you jump ? Do you have time to spawn and gear it before the fight starts ?

I’ve never jumped in the well, just got to the volcano yesterday.

On official servers (and all console games) we can not put a thrall that has been deployed into the world back into our inventory.
So whilst we could take one from a box and teleport with them, once we put them out to follow us we can’t pick them back up.

Funcom needs to fix the pathing of all thralls, pets and NPCs in the volcano area so that the lava areas are NOT something they will go onto.

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They see it as ground, not at dangerous area, and walk on it to follow.

Same for purge in volcano. Mostly you don’t have to care about if you have a base there, they spawn and auto-kill in the lava.

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