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Please change the Melee and Ranged damage on the thrall stats page to an actual value instead of a percentage, or else allow us to see base damage. As it stands now, the numbers that are provided have absolutely no meaning. They are a product of the amount of Strength that the thrall has, and go up the same percentage per point, but as a percentage of what? Much like the Factions have a different base HP and HP/Point of Vitality, I am sure that they have different base damage as well. We need an actual value, otherwise you may as well take the damage portion off the page.

A percentage by itself tells you nothing, if I’m wrong about that I’ll give you 87%.


I agree. Having these numbers would be beneficial to everyone. There is no realistic way to determine these numbers aside from spawning in single player which is a crapshoot of a guess and check method anyways, definitely not an accurate experiment.

I would like to see more engagement from the devs on these forums. Our player base is rather small and there is a range of unanswered questions from Funcom. The community would appreciate your guys’ input.

Love Conan, literally my favorite game in years, I don’t want to see it fail and I believe a lot more community support would actually encourage a burgeoning player base.

@LostInTim I couldn’t agree more! The percent value for melee and ranged damage continues to disappoint. My clan leader determined that each strength and accuracy point corresponds to a specific increase in those percent values, however these are a percent of what number!? This makes fighter and archer selection seem arbitrary and haphazard. Since the base stats and total percent chance to grow stats vary by race and quality, one would not know if a T4 Volcanic fighter with 45 strength with roughly 56% damage increase is better than T4 Cimmerian Berserker with 53 strength and 66% damage increase. How can the players personal stat page be so clear to damage values but the thrall page give so little useful information in the same regard. A raw damage total would perfect.



Do they really?? I haven’t bothered with any pets since the update, so I had no idea, going to have to check that out. If so that’s absolutely ridiculous, we need meaningful numbers on human thralls! Given the number of mistakes that I have found looking at the health and armor data on the thralls, I can only imagine that there are some issues with damage as well. If we can’t see any actual numbers then it’s a lot harder to bring problems to light, as any observations we make will be heavily influenced by perception bias and conjecture.

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Just an update, I deployed a greater panther and it had the same meaningless % on it, so I’m going to assume that pets are lacking in info as well.

If there is a specific pet that comes out with a real number please let me know.


Agree, please show hidden values. Who benefits or what is the benefit of hiding raw values? I’m open minded and if there is a reason I’d love to hear it.

I’m pretty sure Alex said in last weeks dev stream that he sees value in preaching some mystery in the game.

Sorry, I missed that, good catch. Now I’m pretty steamed.

Alex is full of it, I think it’s more likely that they made so many errors in the health and armor values across Factions that they’re terrified of us seeing how many mistakes are in the damage values.

They show it for players, they show it for pets, but thralls are to remain shrouded in mystery? Don’t p*** on my face and tell me it’s raining.

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