New LVL System Easy Thrall VS Hard Thrall WTF? Easy has Higher Grow Potential?

New Thrall system WTF ?
So now with new lvl system you can sort thrall i to 3 tire depending on XP needed to lvl-up

Easy lvl1 XP 2,352 - lvl20 XP 6,695,375

Normal lvl1 XP 4,700 - lvl20 XP 13,390,750

Hard lvl1 XP 7,050 - lvl20 XP 20,086,125

So got to compare two T4 Easy vs T4 Hard Archers and WTF Easy need 1/3 of xp and have 55 points higher average grow chance as Hard one same amount of starting skill points (45) and only lower HP ?

Easy Thral XP / HP LVL1

Easy Thrall Stats (45 points) / Grow Chance ( sum of all 355%) LVL1

Hard Thrall XP / HP LVL1

Hard Thrall Stats (45 points) / Grow Chance ( sum of all 300%) LVL1

As you can see its not make sens as investment of time for Hard one is over 3x time higher and his Grow chance summary is lower of that of Easy one - only advantage of Hard one is Higher starting HP with is nothing compare to XP investment and lower Grow Chance …

Odds are the time investment will get you a better thrall in the long run

Easy have higher Sum of Grow Chance so so average grow chance is higher so statistic dictate easy have greater potential on Average.

So have Two of same T4 Easy and Hard one

Easy have Two Hagar Hawkeye

            1st                      2nd

S 0 79% …/… 0 58%
A 0 48% …/… 0 65%
V 15 40% …/… 15 70%
A 0 88% …/… 0 90%
S 30 100% …/… 30 72%

SUM 45 / 355% …/… 45 / 355%

Hard have Two Lissa O’ the Longbow

          1st                      2nd

S 0 40% …/… 0 55%
A 15 65% …/… 15 70%
V 10 70% …/… 10 65%
A 20 50% …/… 20 40%
S 0 75% …/… 0 70%

SMU 45 / 300% …/… 45 / 300%

There Grow Chance % between Stats is Randomised however Sum of those is same for Easy at (sum 355%) and Hard at (300%) with all 4 having 45 skill point assigned at lvl0 with 2 Easy one starting with 2,442 HP and XP for lvl1 2,350 and 2 Hard one Starting with 3,894 HP and XP for lvl1 7,050 …

So its looks like this Easy one have Average grow chance higher as Hard one …

So someone made some mistake when coding stats of thrall or i’m captured 2 seats of two thralls wit same Potential … with is highly unlikely

Both are possible, more data points are needed to make even a tentative conclusion.

I haven’t looked at any thralls below T4, and it’s entirely possible that Funcom made an error in this (they made a few in the T4 stats), but the growth % and stats are only going to do so much.

You would need to calculate their actual [Base HP], which would be [Lvl 0 HP] - [Vitality Bonus] at spawn, then get their [HP/Point of Vitality], which for the Relic Hunters would be [Vitality Bonus] / [Vitality]. If the Tier 1-3 had the same numbers in those two stats it might be a problem, but since they are spawning with a lower [Lvl 0 HP] I would imagine that both numbers are lower, so for every point of [Vitality] they gain they get less HP added than a higher tier would.

You should be able to adapt this spreadsheet to your needs, just copy it and then make another row for Relic Hunter and use Tier I Fighter and plug in the [Lvl 0 HP] and [Vitality Bonus] from the stats page at spawn.

If they come out with the same numbers there is a problem, if not there’s your answer.


High tier have higher (hidden) base stats… A high tier with the same str (fx) as a low tier will do more damage than the low tier

Is it really like that? But then again, STR for thralls makes additional +dmg… (% wise). So there needs to be a starting value…

Strength stats are a whole other problem, please support this post to try to get Funcom to add a meaningful strength stat to the thrall stats page.


People looking at their stats and chance to grow without looking at other variables are missing out on other data points that we know are NOT displayed in the game. For example, a named fighter from the noob river (the ‘Exiles’), is gonna suck. Period. Damage output won’t be great, and starting HP won’t be great, and odds are if you get them to max level, they still won’t be on par with even a mid-leveled T4 fighter from the Volcano. There’s what I’d say are ‘behind the scenes’ data points that we don’t have, and the devs have said they aren’t giving us (overabundance of data is not part of the game, per them).

Looks at where you get your thrall from and let’s use some other data the devs have given us. Each region is tiered to a particular level of player. Darfari south is 1-20, Swungle is 20-40, Swagger/Dogs is 30-40 (if I recall correctly), North is 40-50, Snow is 50-60, Volcano and Sepermeru is 60. I may be a bit off on those player level ranges, but that info was put out a long time ago when the rebalanced the populations and capital cities.

Now, with that info in mind, without looking at actual data points, you will not be able to get a T4 from the Black Hand to the same level as a T4 from the Cimmerians. Not happening, unless it’s bugged. Sure, they may have similar chances to grow, but that’s just growth chance, not what their base stats are to begin with, nor the amount of incremental change from one level to the next is, nor what their possible top end is.

In the OP’s case, I would take the hard to level thrall over the easy to level thrall any day.

For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t get too sucked in by the minutiae.

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Yep. For the record, this is one of the cases where I definitely do NOT agree with Funcom’s stance, but that is indeed what they said.

Which I suppose is what Funcom is trying to accomplish by hiding the pertinent details, but still not something I agree with.

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Ironically there IS currently a Black Hand Fighter that can reach insane levels of health, rivaling even Ms Snowhunter, but it’s a mistake the devs are looking at and will hopefully soon fix. Does he hit as hard? Probably not, but with a lot of the mistakes I found in health and armor, I would be highly surprised if they didn’t make some mistakes on damage, it’s why we need real damage numbers. I don’t buy the excuse they gave for not giving them, they are available for player stats (and allegedly for pet stats, though I haven’t verified that myself yet), so I don’t see any reason we shouldn’t have some kind of usable damage numbers for thralls.

And I apologized that I misunderstood what the original post was about, I thought you were comparing Tier1/2/3/4 against each other, now I see you were talking about across Factions.

Armor is pretty static across all factions per point of Agility, but HP and more importantly HP/Point of vitality follows a mostly correct trend, so even if you get more levels on a weaker thrall you still aren’t gaining as much.

I believe damage follows that trend as well, but without any real data it’s just speculation.

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