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I just wanted to ask… yesterday I did my first lvl 8 purge with a low level thrall as an active companion (I do purges with thralls on guard but this time I had an active low lvl thrall with me) and after killing 1-2 golems my companion was instantly lvl 20.
Is this a bug or a new feature like in mekkamoses?

leveling thralls this way is completely ruining the gameplay for me. Why would I wanted to level up lets say a berserker by normal gameplay again if I can bring him to a purge and make him lvl 20 instantly?
I saw someone mentioning that leveling thralls manualy gives thralls more points in each category than by automax level is that true?

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Well, nobody is forcing you one way or another, so it’s still your choice.
If you enjoy going through the Unnamed City + Klael’s Dungeon + Wine Cellar 10 times and kill 50 bosses and get loads of meh legendaries before your berserker even hit lvl19, go ahead, have fun.
Me, on the other hand, had enough of that “fun” and now am sick of it.
I am glad I can instant max level thralls this way.

As for the “better stats” issue, some believe yes, some believe no, cuz it’s pure RNG.
I’d say no - not worth my time at least.


now u wanna ruin the gameplay for a lot of people just because you don’t like leveling that way? you sound pretty new to the game as well. Give it a couple of weeks or months and you’ll be happy you can level your thrall this way.


It will be nerfed. Just more proof funcom does not test properly.

  1. This is true if you are careful about giving them stat-boosting food at every level during the leveling process.


  1. The stat boost they get is a total of about 4.2 stat points. Not 4.2 point per stat, but total.

Let’s say you give a berserker steaks while you’re leveling them up. If they have the +14% chance to get a strength point every time they level, all 20 times, then they will get an average of 4.2 more strength points than a berserker that you don’t give food while they’re leveling.

However (as was pointed out above) that’s still subject to RNG. You might have one berserker who levels 20 times with a 80%+14% chance to get more strength points, and a different berserker who levels 20 times with a 70%+14% chance to get more strength points, and the berserker with the 70%+14% chance ends up getting more strength points at Lvl 20. It’s just like rolling dice, you are not guaranteed to get the result you’re hoping for. The odds are in favor of the berserker with the 80%+14% chance, but it’s not guaranteed.

If you’re bothered by the idea that your thrall might have gotten a couple of extra stat points by leveling normally, rather than getting 12 levels from a single purge, I wouldn’t worry about it. The difference between manually leveleing and automax levling is small.

thank you for a detailed reply. I will do some more testing and if the outcome of manual leveling is similar to automax leveling then I see no reason to keep grinding.

No I dont want to ruin your gameplay. Thats was not my intention.
I play this game for about 6 months almost daily so I wouldnt say Iam new to the game. We play on PVC official server so thralls are here somewhat relevant.

I was just thinking that leveling thralls this way was 100% not innitial intention of developers. To me, leveling thralls that I considered promissing, was a key part of the game a leveling them kept me playing the game.
During the leveling is the player inevitably building some kind of relationship with the thrall and is rewarded by the thrall´s slow progress towards a war machine.
With automax level is all that thrown away and gameplay with thralls is nearly pointless.
Now that I know that autoleveled thrall has almost the same stats as manually exped thrall how do I go back and ever want to exp my thralls normaly?
So for me this ruined the main reason I want to play this game.

Just keep in mind that this is quite hard to test for.

The percentages when leveling, just like when rolling dice, can give you some results that feel very strange. RNG can make you feel like the game is deliberately cheating when it’s not.

If you truly want to test, then you would need to start with two groups of 50-100 identical thralls, level them all up using the two different methods, collect all of their information and then do an analysis on the distribution of points using bona fide statistical analysis.

I assure you this is not something you can do by simply looking at the results of individual thralls by playing the game normally. It can only be accomplished by doing a carefully managed experiment.

I understand that it can be hard to believe people who post stuff on the forums, lots of people post information that’s wrong. If you’re not feeling confident that the information I gave you was correct then find someone you trust who understands probability theory (percentages) and ideally also understands some statistics, and talk to them about it. I’m happy to support you in your desire to be curious and consult with someone you trust.

But… if you’re willing to believe me (and you don’t want to spend a bunch of time doing an experiment) then that answer I’m giving is that leveling food only gives approximately 4.2 extra stat points when you level a thrall from Lvl 1-20.

Whatever you decide, have fun and happy Conan’ing.

I would :laughing:

Not the first time this has came up. It got nerfed, people griped. This will get nerfed.

I’m still pushing hard for placed thrall leveling. The “purge” system almost demands it.

Not sure whom has done what but after losing all my thralls on testlive to decay{not to bug} I was replacing archers in my raidme base to run some purges: :person_facepalming:, and realized the thrall placement proximity is still on. I’ve never had a thrall fall though on test.

Ok before some one digs up me commenting about the one dancer, I did explain at the time she was the only thrall placed inside the proximity of 2 other dancers.

Completely understandable but worry not. They’ll change it soon enough. They always do.

If you don’t like leveling this way though, you could just avoid killing golems for now.

There’s only one truth in this…

:point_up_2: This.

Allow me to say something here my fellow exile. When i create a new character i never fix weapons other the stone one of the beginning. The next is legendary. So i skip the whole progression. Because there are out there players that they can do this, others that can’t should be punished with me?

It’s a risk to do a lvl 8 purge with an active companion no matter the lvl. Even an instant leveled thrall can die if you die or purge manage to round and stagger it. So don’t present purge lvl 8 easy, neither companionship with the exist AI.

Congratulations, you know how to pve fight both alone and with a thrall really good…

Here’s your reward! Don’t spoil it :wink:.

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Oh so you only have to kill a couple golems to get them to level 20? I thought it was because each golem was worth a lot of XP and they come in massive waves. Hmmm.

yes just 2 or 3 golems and the thrall is lvl 20 just …like a miracle

thank you for detailed information. Not that I dont believe you or anything but I though that automax level blocks the chance to get 2 points into a stat per level reached (sometimes thrall gets 2 points, sometimes one and sometimes nothing when he gets level)
My source is a video from Wak4863 on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_TtqcWXqeo
In this vid he did a research about this issue and he doesnt recommend to automax thralls because they get less points than thrall leveled normaly.

So my conclusion based on this video was not to autolevel thralls if I want them to be as good as possible.

Yeah, I understand it can be confusing. The base chance to improve stats still happens when they auto-level, so that’s not any different than leveling them up normally.

The only thing they don’t get is the extra 7% or 14% from the food bonus.

My personal opinion: if you see growth chance for a relevant stat is at 86% or greater then level that thrall normally with food, 'cause if you bump stat growth to 100% then RNG can’t say no and then thrall MUST get at least 20 points of growth for that stat.

Usually the actual stat growth for 100% growth chance is around 30 points, can be lower, can be higher as additional points gain is still RNG that cannot be affected in any way.

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