Thralls before 3.0 don’t have grit and don’t grow it

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Server Name: None of your business

Bug Description:


See below

Bug Reproduction:

Can easily reproduce


I am happy to provide screen shots of this. This could be a feature for lvl 20 thralls, but this makes it suspiciously more like a bug that every single thrall I had not lvl 20 I attempt to lvl doesn’t grow grit (which is now bonus armor) and every new thrall I placed today and yesterday grows grit. This makes all the old thralls extremely squishy. Am I okay with leveling new thralls? Yes, but this is like 60+ thralls on my server that are coming to near death after one boss alone, a new thrall can complete at 80% health still roughly depending on the type.

Also a warning to everyone saying “thralls weak right now” yes they are indeed meant to be weaker, but not all of it I think is intended.

Yes, this is indeed an issue.
Followers prior to the update had no Grit stat at all and as such there is no database entry for that stat for them, so nothing that could grow.

There’s a discussion on it here where I posted a potential solution for PC users / Private servers, unfortunately not much you can do in the case of consoles / officials but wait for a potential fix on Funcom’s part

Confirmed. Thralls/pets existing prior to update have 0 Grit and it does not seem to be possible to increase it.

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