Thralls have no growth%, but pets and horses do

I can’t manage to generate a thrall that has anything but 0% on all 5 attributes. I’ve leveled one up to 10 ingame (not admin command) and the perk became active giving +3 to all 5 attributes, but no %growth changes at all. Pets and horses are generating various %growth chance values.

I am doing this on a solo game with no mods. I’ve looked through my game settings to see if I could find something that might cause this and am not having any luck. Possibly there is something in a .ini file that is causing this? I’ll do my best to keep looking for what it might be, but if someone already knows… :wink:

Is this a newly placed thrall? Any thrall placed prior to this patch will exhibit exactly those symptoms, so my guess is that it’s an old thrall.

Hmmm, I assume these are new thralls and not legacy’s? Is it on a new save? Verify files already I assume?

The very first Thrall I put down has a growth chance starting at level 1.

Yes, new thralls. I’ve converted some old thralls by picking them up and replacing them, taking previously tamed thralls from chests and wheels and placing them AND capturing completely new thralls after the update, taming and placing them. Even spawning new thralls via admin console. All can increase levels, unlike the old legacy thralls, but they just don’t have any growth chance at all for the attributes.

To answer Multigun, no, not verified files, but will do so next. Thanks for he suggestion.

I am also doing a 100% clean install on another computer, that I will leave as 100% vanilla, so I can look for differences between the two. I’m sure the new install will work perfectly. Just can’t imagine what in my current game is corrupting only the thralls.

I have had the same issue. I don’t know which mod causes this behaviour but I just removed all mods except building mods and “Better Thralls” which allows me to pick thralls.
After this changes the replaced thralls have a chance to growth like the other ones.

Hey @sirvink, would it be possible for you to try to replicate this behavior on a fresh install and save and/or online?

that is my plan Hugo. Still downloading updates on that new install, but it is now 7am here and I haven’t slept, so will follow up in a few hours with results :slight_smile:

Ok, it took a bit to figure it out. First the short answer:

Mod 75% more women breaks it, if a thrall was spawned with that mod active.

My testing was initially flawed. I had lots of thralls that I’d captured or created while it was active and with the mod in place, got my 0% growth issue, then I went and removed all mods and checked the thralls again and they still showed 0%, so I thought it wasn’t mod related. So I installed a second copy of Conan on a second computer, to make everything 100% clean with no mods ever touching the game. I was worried that somehow a mod corrupted a game file, even though I’d verified them all.

Well, clean install worked great. So I started adding in mods and spawning thralls after each mod and that gave me the answer.

I’ll post in the mod comments for the creator to look at.

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That is indeed possible, as you’ve just experienced :slight_smile:

(well… not a ‘game file’ but your savegame certainly)

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