What i have exctracted so far on thralls

Here is a spread sheet of all named thralls, admin ID, and default weapon. I will be digging for HP,Attack Damage, Aggro range this weekend, along with locations. Hope to update the WIKI page, but just wanted to share with the community.

LAST UPDATED 03-22-2019


Request for access sent!

Ooops…forogt to make it link shared :slight_smile:


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updated with more info!
2nd weapon table
female male spawn chances

UPDATED WITH STATS. Will have to do some testing, but may be able to figure out waht each stat id is. Almost there on the numbers for those that want them.

Hey there,

Thank you for your effort. We will need someone who is willing to and has the time to contribute this info to the wiki.

Be sure to verify the information in-game if you datamined this. Note this seems to include thralls from mods. We only have modded content and we won’t add said info.

You are also able to contact us about wiki-related matters via the discord: Join the new fan-made Discord channel!. Also, I do allow people to mention me in threads.

I will hopefully be able to move this to wiki myself. The reason i am doing a living doc on google first is because i still need to pull the map locations, and what each stat id means. Data mine, i mean pulled from the thrall tables, and did some table combining. Locations, and % are on my list as well.

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