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Hello Exiles!

I have a question regarding Thralls. Is there a point in capturing Named Thralls from lower “level” regions? Or just the ones from the Cimmeria(area)/Highlands/Vulcano area are actually relevant and strong in the game?

Also, are they getting random stats once they are “tamed” in the wheel or they all have the same base stats and from there on is all random? I’m asking this as I got a fighter with a lot of points on Accuracy and 3 points on Strenght. And I wonder if those stats are randomly generated or each Named Thrall has his base stats and then it’s all randomly generated. Just trying to understand how their stats work.

Thank you

Their base stats depend on their faction as you have figured out already some are better than others. Thralls from the same faction will start with the same attribute base stats but the perks they get will be random. I have an overview of the fighters you can capture in the world in case you are interested:


I recently managed to capture Dalinsia Snowhunter and she started with a lot of HP compared to the ones I got from south of the wall that made her God Tier for me. Once I got her came to realize the is no better fighter in the game. But I would have loved the idea that any of the fighters has potential of becoming God Tier with training… but I don’t think any thrall can top 12k HP at lvl 14 and the huge damage she does…

Do you know know if there’s a way to see their names show up from a safe distance? Sometimes I have to go in and attack in order to see their name tag. I get killed a lot in the Cimmerian village.

Thanks for your help so far! That sheet looks awesome!

No sorry, I don’t have a solution for the name plates but you can give your Dalinsia a truncheon with an advanced blunted fitting and watch her in action :smiley:

That’s what I’m doing :slight_smile: I just go behind her with the spear and kill the ones I don’t need.

I don’t understand why people knock out entire villages and leave them like that without killing them… mobs don’t respawn if you don’t kill them so whoever comes after you won’t get the chance of a T4…

Indeed, I must admit that I leave some fighters sleeping when I go to Sepermeru as well but never a crafter. Sadly, many simply don’t care about anyone but themselves.

If it helps get a bow low tier and bone arrows and shot them from far away and you can see gold bars to help you to strategize better on apporch though it does not help with ones inside building but it’s what I do to not kill the ones I need

I like to use the two-handed sword’s chop attack to finish off sleeping beauties.

@Narelle’s sheet is a thing of beauty and love, even though it brings a tear to my eye to see those ACC 30 pirates with a ranged damage modifier of less than 1. But everyone’s favorite Dalinsia is still top of the world.

@Kapoteeni I will eventually add the archers too, who knows maybe there is a hidden gem. Checked a T3 bearer as well, he was confirmed to hit like a wet noodle with sth like 0.87 melee modifier.


RHTS fighter and archers are both kinda good in melee and ranged… Thx for the sheet.

And I got a Markos, Bane of the Beats from the last purge!

Volcano, RHTS and Cims were before the thrall-leveling patch already way stronger than others and still are. Why the big surprise?

Totally going to link this in the How-Tos channel of my server’s Discord, this is a great help! <3

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