Thrall stat questions

Are they based off level, tribe or location? For example is a level one Nord fighter from the cold area going to be better then a level 3 fighter from the desert?

2: Are hit points pretty much the only stat that changes / matters to thralls? Do they even have stats like the player does, does a “better” thrall just have more HP?

3: Do they have stamina? Is there any down side to giving them heavy armor / weapons?

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this, hard info on thralls seems to be hard to find, at least not info from over a year ago that I am guessing is long out of date.

Assuming they both use the same weapon and armor, t3 desert fighter will be better.

Yes. Better thrall have more HP, but keep in mind named thralls (t4) have their own unique Hp values - one t4 fighter will have 1100 HP, but other t4 fighter, while technically being the same lvl, will have 1300 HP.

They do have stamina bar, but it appears it doesn’t matter - they doesn’t sprint or dodge and can heavy attack indefinitely. You should give fighters heavy armor - it will boost direct damage mitigation. But bleeds and poisons will eventually kill them, because they can’t heal.
If we speak about defending against the Purge everything is highly situational and depend on what kind of purge you will get. For example, I have triggered a lvl 4 spider purge and three of my lvl III fighters successfully defeated 3 spider waves, but in the end all just got wrecked by the spider boss.

Tribe plays a big role. It could be the difference between 1000hp and 2600hp.

My worker-bee shredder is a Nordheimer Archer II. Pump those dudes out and you get 1080 HP in hardly any time to train plus a free Ancient Bow. Drop a Cimmerian War-Axe on them, unleash them near an enemy and sit back. The best part is when you dress them up in players’ armor for when the nude griefer shows back up again.

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And Thrall’s don’t get any benefit from other stats right? So Adding +Str armor to a thrall wont make him hit any harder, there damage is just based off the weapon you give them? And and thrall “quality” is just a matter of HP?

It would be good to know if +str armors etc have an effect on thralls, and if not, it could be added :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t want to blank anybody on the subject, but I had Raid Window to watch as we had about 10,000 new players on last night. It is my belief that my dudes in Kambujan can knock out T2 faster with a truncheon. This is culled from my thralling tower behavior where I log in and put up 4 new slaves before the berries are made into pulp.

Last night before logging, my T2 Archer in Kambujan gear knocked out T2 Nord Archers in 4 shots. In cloth or light (or my smelly ole red mediums), he requires 4-5 shots regularly. On a hunch I put Vanir (+5 Grit) on him and watched him fire his bow. It did appear to have a modest effect on his stamina, which I hope to document later. It’s occurring live, among real players, so sometimes the experiments get killed or the experimenter gets distracted clubbing heads, but there might be something to it!

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