Server with no fighter thrall’s- real PVP!

Hello everyone! I wish there were no fighter thrall’s! Is there a Server that doesn’t have them? Like many other players have already posted, the game looses the player vs player fun as soon as fighter Thrall’s are aquired! They are too overpowered! The players should have the power, not the thrall’s!

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Only pets should be our partners and with power equal to the player, until it levels up to a level similar to other animal bosses!

The players could have a power level based on weapon type usage! Like I use daggers a lot, so my level with that weapon increases and so I can do more damage with that type of weapon!

The more high grade food I eat , more vitality increases permanently!
The more I run, jump, dodge, the more my stamina increases!
The more I dive , the more time I can breath under water!

The way attributes are made could continue to be as is! Butt after level 60, the augmenting of stats could be as I suggested! It would be more challenging and rewarding!

At least fighter thrall’s should be as powerfull as us!

Followers are way to powerful. Everyone knows it, no one denies it… there are however countless players who play the game based on the fact that the Thrall will do everything for them. I dont understand why anyone would buy a game just to let an AI overcome the obstacles. The only thing you have to “survive” in Conan Exiles when you have a Snowhuter with Cimmerian Armor and the Cheesesword of Crom is hunger, thirst, the occasional bug and boredom.

I am not a PvP player, offlineraiding ruins the competitive aspect for me, so I can only imagine how frustraiting it must be. I usually play in SP and use mostly “weaker” Archers from the starting areas… at least they will let me do most of the fighting.


Ive been thinking on this and an easy way to adress most but not all of people thrall greviances would be to place their health/damage on sliders seperate to everything else and chabge the npc/boss aggro to always target the player not the thrall. No more sitting back and watching because they literally cant tank and are only support dps. The sliders would allow servers and single player to set their power level how they want. :slight_smile:

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That would solve it yeah! But there had to be players and servers willing to do that! How do the role play servers work with this issue? Or is it not a issue for a role player?

not sure, me and my girlfriend play on our private server. If we didnt have a lag I would love to play as me being the main source of damage but as is for PVE my options are thrall tanks and archery or get destroyed by stunlock haha. That being said I would love to hear from an RPer.

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I’ve been trying to use only horseback fighting to defeat dragons and other bosses on open terrain! It takes a few charges, but it works! But the horse is not good in close terrains , and impossible to use in dungeons! And being only using dancers in dungeons that don’t doo a lot of damage!

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