Fix PvP / No more Poke’Thralls

I’ve been playing this game now for years. It’s one of my favorite games. So please understand my frustration at having that game go from;

  • a unique mostly melee pvp experience where player skill was tremendously important;

To a

  • a game where players rarely cross swords but rely heavily on “pets” to do the fighting for them.

I know this has probably become a tired complaint by now, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a complaint that needs to be repeated.

Thrall pvp has destroyed all semblance of what once was a unique and exciting pvp experience.
I’ve tried to “adapt” to the new way of the game and even though my Beastmaster Teimos has won many a battle, killed many a exile, it’s really not the same.

It’s boring. All player fighting interaction follows the same tired script. Players pointing fingers at each other commanding thralls to fight (I choose you! Lliam-Chu!) trying to run one another over with horse. Battle breaks away and resumes if thrall(s) start getting dangerously low on health.

Seriously, pvp is to the point that the only way to get ACTUAL pvp now is if players build an Arena and try mostly unsuccessfully to arrange some event between clans. It’s absurd for a game that was built on the premise of Conan!

My suggestion to fix this issue is simply this.

Change Thrall behavior so that they cannot attack other players while on follow. It’s really that simple. They still attack other players during raid time while in guard mode with limited aggro range and will return to placement if they wonder/chase past a certain point.

Could this still be exploited during pvp fights? Sure! But it would definitely promote more actual player vs player combat and less Poke’-thrall battles.

I miss the old days of pvp on this game and in its current state, I find very little excitement left in a game where npcs do all the work.

I hope you will take my suggestion into consideration.

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Spec when they also atack player on pve-c servers to sometimes

But yes its the balance so the tralls work in pve and pvp. but folowers shud protect you from pve mobs and maybe able to fight other thralls on pvp servers.

But yes both combat and crafting thralls needs more love.

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This is the play you get on pvp , its not the game devs doing, you all bring a thrall to PVP fights is something you can decide not to do, do not bring thralls. PVP is suppose to be pvp but its not its player vs offline player or thrall. For PVP only thralls should be allowed to do is protect your base against outsiders but rest should be all player vs player only.

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These ideas for different stances are already implemented.

It’s the same with people who cry about Thralls doing all the work in dungeons. So, don’t bring one. But they never will and will instead attack you for even suggesting that. Fact is, players will never police themselves even though it is their own choice to do or not do the thing they are complaining about in the first place.


Yes pet pvp is weerd spec on pve-c, when you are not supose to be able to kill folowers.