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Hey guys i would like to introduce myself my name is Nick and
i have some feedback / suggestions towards pvp / raiding on conan exiles. I know that not everyone or maybe no one will agree with what i have to say but atleast try to keep it to friendly feedback. I have spend over 2000 hours on conan and 10000 hours of rust.


In the current game you can just walk around in pvp servers with a horse and thrall and fill them up fully, basically during none raid hours you almost stand zero risk of losing stuff, only during raid hours you stand to lose somethting. For the pvp servers this is such a bad design. Thralls aswell when it comes to pvp are just way to overpowered one good thrall with 60+ strength and a good two handed sword can one shot players.


I think this could completely be removed if you just rework the way explosives work, in the current game making jars is just way to easy i get that cuz of that raid restrictions have to be a thing but if you could make components similair to rust this issue could easily be resolved. Where for example all the npc could drop a new item called plastics or cuz this game is more medieval clay, this would make it so it does not matter how many x server you would be on the npc you gotta farm for these components will always by default be low so this makes it that you cant just go farm brimstone, tar, and produce 1000 bombs per hour if you are in a big clan. I think just to sum it up the entire raiding system just needs to get a big overhaul.

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And if you want, you can hop another thrall with you by picking up and placing in move and guard on non claimed land as you run the map. Doesn’t work for dungeons once in them though. But fro running about, you could technically take a Hours, and 2 T4 Bearers…80 slots of non obtainable farmed items during non raid hours.

Yes this mechanic shouldn’t be in a pvp server.

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