Officials PVP servers Balance - horses&thralls

How about who would like to see servers added with a minimum of 5 people on each clan with the same slots specially for people like me and other clans that only play with maximum of 3-5 people might balance the pvp world.

Another thing the horses they need to be back like before no thralls should be allowed to follow you while you on the horse a sable tooth give you 1 shot and your dead, if you fighting with someone and you are on foot you Can avoid the hit with agility 4 and then try to hit them back but then boom a thrall killed you with one hit now imagine 10 people clan with horses and thralls against 3-5 people there’s no balance at all. The game is dying by stuff like this people are leaving conan because they can’t defend themselves, to avoid that maybe get rid some of these empty servers and just do a 5 clan limit? Or 4, that would be 10 clans only.

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Liked the game better befor horses and thrall lvling, this is stupid. And I said it before, solo/duo official pvp. Solo vs a clan with horses and thralls getting ganked cnt run or fight great game

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Buddy, Funcom does not want people or small clans to “superstar” in Conan anymore. Even if everyone is on ground, prepare to run when you are outnumbered (given everyone has the same skill).

It’s not a small clan game anymore. Zerg or lose.

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Agree. Wich is kinda sad. There was a lot more people to fight before. Now it’s the same people over and over again.

There’s no fun of spending your time getting everything, farming when is time to fight you can’t do anything at all with these big clans, if they put a max on 5 people only in a clan that might bring a better chance to small clans, and probably a lot of people might return to enjoy the game…

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