FUNCOM what about limiting the player to use A horse OR a thrall, not both? (PVP)

The fights on the PvPs and PvE-C servers are completely stupid.
There is no more skill and not even gear checking involved.
You just need to have more players, horses and lances.
Hold shift, aim the lance forward and Hitkill on the enemy (even though he has 50 vitality, full high-end gear, buffs and etc).

As soon as the update that introduced the horse was added, the player could choose to use the horse OR walk with a thrall next to him. Even though the horse was still OP, it was much more balanced than the current state.
As it was before, a team of players on foot could use tigers to follow them and counter the horses, or even thralls if the knight was dismounted.
Now the war comes down purely to luck and zerg … the one who doesn’t lag, who hits the hit first, wins. GG.

What do you @Funcom think of the idea of ​​returning with this limitation on PvP and PvE-c servers?
Or even add an option in server settings for server owners to choose whether or not to use the option.

I could suggest countless new ideas on how to treat horse fighting to make it more balanced and interesting for the players, but for now I will stick to just this simple idea, the others I already talked about in other topics and you probably shouldn’t even read.

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I play on PVE-C servers mostly. The problem I have with this suggestion is that I prefer having having both a horse and a thrall with me when I’m playing the PVE aspect of the game. I agree that the current horse+lance+cat meta sucks, but I don’t want to ruin the PVE side of things because of that. It’s not just because a follower can help me fight certain bosses and make wildlife less annoying. It’s also because I like to take a bearer with me when farming (at least on Siptah) and I don’t want to run all the way there and back.

I know that the following will probably a hugely unpopular opinion, but I just want to say it to explain my point of view, so please don’t crucify me for it :stuck_out_tongue:

I would much rather they turned the PVP side of our followers into a “base defense” thing. In other words, if the follower isn’t on a land claim, it’s not fighting other players.

Again, this is just my opinion about followers, and I know it won’t get implemented, and that even if they implemented it, it wouldn’t solve the current meta completely.


while the breakdancing fights that occured before were normal… XD

This rule of 1 or the other WILL ALWAYS suck. Having both in PvE is useful af. At most you can ask your private server admin to enforce no horse pvp as a rule like our server is planning to do


I agree with you on the problem, but not on the solution. They should just nerf bosses and thralls, and then buff thralls in landclaim. Thralls should be able to PVP also, but not do more damage than a player

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We have Conan Exiles horses in AoE 2 DE now :smiley: (New Patch brought an OP unit. But they will balance it quickly).

Timestamp: Watch from 13m 31s to 13m 51s

i didn’t play AOE2:DE yet since this last update…

Hello, Kholdenn…
I hope your day has been good and continues to be so.

I really don’t see why anyone would want to only limit to one or the other…

The Horse is not going to attack anyone as a Thrall would…

I don’t see the problem with having both in PVP or PVE in fact I prefer having both because I can run around and gather Rocks/ore and cut down Lumber and dump it into my Horse’s inventory and let my Thrall follow behind and guard my back as I do so.

Thralls and Horses are just fine as they are…

There aren’t enough players playing the game to justify this change, the server that I have been playing on hardly ever reaches more than Ten players most of the time it’s only my self and another player or two, having a stronger Thrall allows me to actually fight hard boss NPC’s seeing that I’m solo 100% of the time.

I take it that you are getting killed by someone on a Horseback a lot…

I’m sorry to hear that this seems to happen a lot to you but calling for a Nerf is not the answer to your problem, and should never be recommended because Developers always go too far and ruin things for everyone when they Nerf something.

I think that this Mechanic is in a healthy state and not needing any changes…

Take a moment and think about it:
If a dude on horseback hits you at full gallop with a Lance in real life…

I don’t care if you are the Mountain from Game of Thrones, or The Rock, if you get hit you’re gonna die right there and then.

A good way to help prevent from getting squashed…

Dodge and being more mindful of your situational awareness are (skills) and will help, it is easier to be aware of your surroundings and dodge out of the way than it is to aim a horse charge with how clumsy Horse control in the game is.

I hope this will help you.

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I don’t see how this will make horse pvp less of a problem but it will help with the thrall/cat problem on officials. Private servers don’t really need such a setting because most of the good pvp servers have the horses/cats banned and the thrall damage reduced. Having said that, I am not against additional settings, they are always welcome.

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It demonstrably isn’t in a healthy state, but that doesn’t mean this proposed change is a good one.

Yeah, we’ve been over that on the forums a lot. Realism is nice, but it has to be in service of gameplay and not the other way around.

Take a moment and think about it: if someone shoots you with an arrow in the leg, you won’t recover from that in 10 seconds and be able to run full sprint as if nothing happened.

Take a moment and think about it: if you’re hit with a jet of flame – like the ones you get when fighting a dragon – you will suffer third-degree burns and be incapacitated; you’ll most likely die, too, but in case you survive, you’ll be disfigured for life.

I could go on for a while, but I’m sure you get the point.

The horse+lance+cat meta is unbalanced and not fun. Limiting the player to either a mount or a follower is not a good solution.

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The answer to the “horse problem” is not found in limiting player choices, but rather giving foot soldiers more options to counter the horseman. When Funcom added horses for mounted combat, they did good. But they stopped short. They also need to add counters to the new combat mechanic so players can ‘react’. And there are plenty of examples from history to demonstrate how to counter a horseback combatant. Funcom just needs to add some to help balance out the PvP combat again.

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Also cats (skip to 0:20)


bUt tHAt’s FiNE bEcAUse iT’s eXtrEmELy rARe


If theybreclassified horses as pets, then they could change it to pet+thrall. Removes the cat+horse op meta.

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I think that too. however this is a simple and easy solution that helps a little.

Yea i see ur point but its ultimatly for a self fufilling purpose instead of taking it away or addding things to enable disable maybe just a nerf is in order or a tighter hit box to make dodgeing more effective but when it comes to suggestions it has to be a balanced work around u have to think if u made this game and u have 1 mill players and half the players use or enjoy this aspect would u make it to where u cant use itdue to a few complaint suggestions n loose half ur revanue or would u be more inclined to make a tweak to work things out for all players and not takeing away from things they spent tine on implementing into the game

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