People do PvP on horses with spear and thralls/pets only

This is getting boring and frustrating.

If you catch them on foot, they run. And come back later with horse and thrall/pet. Or call their teammates that will come with horses and thralls/pets.

They do too much damage when sitting on horses. They also never get interrupted like you get when doing melee attacks. You can simply remove the stagger mechanic at this point, so people on foot have a chance to defend themselves.

Yesterday I got surprised by 1 guy with full epic heavy armor on horseback with a thrall. Luckily I was in PvP spec, so I could fight him (I was on foot and without pet/thrall). I lowered his health down to 25% and then my teammates came (with horses) and they killed him within seconds, whilst I had to fight him for several minutes because his horse tanked most of my attacks.

Horses are just unfair. They give you too many advantages. I will make a list here:

  • Very high damage. Feels like 2x the damage
  • The horse is basically a meatshield that soaks up the damage you might receive
  • You can not get interrupted and staggered
  • They have a natural speed advantage, which is okay, because that’s what a horse is used for
  • The hitbox of their spear attack is bigger for some reason
  • They can apply bleed with every hit whilst when you are on foot, you have to do a full combo for that
  • They can trample and knock you down, which is also fine, since it’s a heavy horse
  • You don’t use stamina when attacking
  • The lance only needs 2 hits to kill a player. I thought this was a tool to knock off players from horses and not do incredible damage?
  • You can always run away. Even when you get chased by other horses.

Here is a list of the current disadvantages of horses:

  • You can’t heal when you sit on horseback
  • You turn in a bigger circle, instead of instantly. A scout saddle really helps with that though
  • The jump is not very high. So sometimes it’s is harder to pass terrain/buildings

Just by looking at the points you can clearly see why players only fight on horses. I think we need some kind of balance and counters for horses (maybe make the spear a counter with extra stamina damage).


This is why I don’t play PvP anymore. It’s boring.


As i see it, the problem as always, is not the horse, is the pet.

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Actually you can turn in an instant on horse the lance can only be use on horseback thus damaging is high but hit box is smaller but a horse in heavy saddle I can still turn on a dime and keep my speed up to kill world bosses in a 3 to 4 min on strong ones but since health was 50% cut yeah so

However there are ways to fight back but it does take timings in turn of dodge and attacks with different weapons but as always if 1 person with horse and cat faces 10 with horse and cat who do you expect to win in most cases

The point in official server is people play as they want per say but some things need to change depending on its current use as people will always go the easy way but there will always be a dominant weapon or thrall or pet and base require builds so if they do lower it then most will find a best combo and most will use it and that’s in every game which gives the player more and more freedom to allow them to make the game

Change will come but then new meta and more post of change this 20 years gaming (still miss my Atari and the good old joy stick) but you have to learn to fight back if you cannot then you must adapt your self to your enemies instead of being upset that you hammer is not winning and you want everything else nerf to make it your way and if that is how people feel then make or find private server and do what you want but on official if someone wants to play then they must deal with the Denison’s of that server

All play styles are allowed as long as they don’t break both gportal/funcom rules or the law

Funcom will make changes at a point in time but it’s taken along time aye but you have to adapt to survive both in games and in real life cause please tell me a guy who only uses a wooden spear going to defeat a f15 raptors- yes there are people in the that won’t use modern weapons and armors and do attack people armed with them yet there still a lot around

And people also raid with bombs instead of hitting doors with pickaxes…

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I don’t. I like it more than poke’n roll meta.

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Pike (Not spear) and Bow attack animations, the hit box and base damage against the mounts could get a bonus. Staying the same against infantry or other npc types at pve side. Also this would trigger extra effects such the mount throwing its owner., which would apply falling damage. The heavier the armor, the more damage the rider gets.

This would also apply to two mounted opponents fighting against eachother. Just a rough idea. (Also as I have mentioned before, caltrops to bring down the horses fast)

About wild animals fighting side by side with players at pvp, there could be realism mechanic where the wild animal could go berserk and damage everyone around him, same as real life (including the owner if the owner and the wild animal are close to eachother).

Where do you see the difference here? I’ve never noticed different animations or anything

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Yes. Realism please. If the horse is hit in the leg by any weapon it throws the rider, falls over and just lays there screaming until someone puts it out of its misery.


Oh yeah and let me chop off the hands of a player, so he can’t gank me anymore when I am farming. That would be a great way to deal with griefers.

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Excuse me isnt the mere point of skill… lol

Hello @Community, where is your statement regarding this?

Horses and Cat Pets.

Did you even test it internally?

Dead silence…

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Becasue there is no real counter to that combo, which is annoying. (All except bringing more players)

Even at narrow spaces, where a mount cant maneuver, the spammed attacks can be soaked by the mount itself instead of letting the opponent take the player down. Players wish for using tactics and counter combos. But it doesnt exist yet.

Pvpers being not fair… Pvpers are not evil people at all. The opposite they re straightforward and you know what they have at mind. They just play a player to player combat game; instead of building forever and killing poorweak Npcs forever. You can join a clan there and have fun times.

At many games I played, I have seen alot more toxic ‘gamers’ who pretend to be PvErs (but actual trolls) who grief in game or at the game forums. They simply try to bash/flag other peoples suggestions or ideas only because they dont enjoy the idea.

As a note I am a free roaming player who plays pve, pvp and roleplay at games.

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I’m very sorry but what the actual f*ck is this statement?
If there is somebody who knows the meaning of a fair fight, it is a pvp player. What pve fight would be fair? Player vs NPC? Player vs miniboss? Player vs boss?
None of those.

Because there actually are people who enjoy skillful combat. Horses kind of make that not exist. They pissed me off so much that I got one myself and in my first fight I killed 6 enemies who were on ground. Without having any clanmates with me. Now imagine a skilled horse player.

Actually it does. Even the title of the thread states that it is a discussion about PvP so a PvE player might not have much that they could contribute.

Yes, he’s complaining about the first one winning. Fully understandable. It is a game where you can choose different armors and weapons that do more or less damage then others. A game where you can heal and interrupt your opponents heals. All that doesn’t make any difference if the one who hits first wins.


I am watching pvp streams even though I am a PvEr and from my observation people are having a lot more fun on the servers where horses are banned. When those are removed, people actually seem to enjoy the new healing system as well.


Sadly yes.

The point is I love mounts and pets more than thralls but also aware of the power of the mounts cats is limiting newer players who settle at the servers.

Funny, i don’t remember this being a Counter strike sniper duel game.


People like this “no effort, high reward” kind of thing. Why put much effort into killing another player if you can 2 shot them with horse and cat pet?

Also the suggestion that came up multiple times from PvE players: “Let thralls farm for us”.

There are other games out there for these kind of “gamers”, e.g. “Tap Titans”.


I am just naming a few servers where horses/pets were not allowed.
(You might have to CTRL + Scroll into the pictures to read)


@SirDaveWolf Indeed and these are some of the top EU PvP servers atm.