PvP thread, Mounted combat imbalance intentional?

Imo i think that changes need to be made to horses on PvP servers.

Funcom has done a pretty decent job at balancing melee weapons on the ground, but mounted combat Vs someone not mounted is extremely one sided.

Horses runs faster than someone on foot, and with a scout saddle any ok horse user can stick on a target like glue.
Horse does way more damage with auto attack than ground user, almost double +bleeds every hit.
Horse user has hyper armor while doing attacks, spam spam spam right click.
While using a spear on a horse the hit box of the attack is massive so its way easier to hit someone, however spear on the ground is harder to aim and hit.
Takes way way too long to de-saddle a rider when they use a lvl 20 horse.

I would like to see funcom make other styles of play viable in PvP. Because right now there is pretty much no counter-play to horses as a ground fighter if you leave your base, and i havent even mentioned people using horse + sabre 100% chance of dying before you can even play your character.

Maybe if light armor gets its roll back so there was some chance to survive Vs horse or mounts getting extremely nerfed, the pvp is very one sided. Hope at least one of the devs plays on pvp server for a week to see what i’m talking about.

Anyone else have similar experiences on pvp servers? I’ve been playing this game for a few years and id love to go back to the thrall one shot meta over this, PLZ


Right, this one’s interested me - to be clear, I don’t play PVP (so I’m going to get some game balance stuff wrong) - but I do know horses reasonably well, and there’s some ‘realism’ arguments backing your side as well. (I’m gonna ignore the tigers for now, because I’ve got nothing useful to add there beyond my point a few days ago about balancing needing to cover all modes.)

Horses running faster than someone on foot - well, they should - but only once they get up to full speed - horses take slightly longer to accelerate over short distances and direction turns than humans do. (And, while I like the maneuverability of scout saddles, a horse should still be less quick to change direction than a human).

Extra damage on horseback - should exist on a ‘charge’ attack - if you have the momentum of the horse behind you, it’s weight and speed should add to the damage. But, from what I see (at least in PVE), most people sit the horse more or less still and just chop down from above, which shouldn’t provide any extra damage because there is no momentum.

Hyper armor - that’s a game balance thing, no basis in reality that I can see, but I also can’t see why it should be granted as a bonus - maybe trying to create the ‘high ground’ benefit - but it doesn’t really feel like the best way to my mind.

Spear hitbox - hitbox should obviously be the same (the weapon hasn’t changed) - if anything it would be harder to hit someone when you’re sat on a moving platform - the devs may have felt that it demanded too much skill (?), but then fighting from horseback should require a different skillset to fighting on the ground (overlapping, sure, but also with differences).

Spear range - obviously should be the same (they don’t change length when you sit on a horse) - my guess would be this is again to do with the ‘high ground’ advantage. Given that CE doesn’t have location based damage, my suggestion would be that a slight penalty to damage from the ground to the rider might be a better solution - representing that a greater proportion of strikes are likely to hit the rider’s legs. (This might also work from game balance perspective - rather than the rider gaining damage, which ends the fight faster, gaining slight protection value would still give them the appropriate advantage, but leave the fight longer to allow skill and tactics to play more part - that seems like maybe it could be better?)

As I say, I’ve got no skin in this one, so I don’t really know why I’m posting it. Just hope it might be of some interest :slight_smile:

Oh I don’t know about that. I mean, when you’re both on foot, you’re hitting the torso, arms, legs, areas generally very well protected one way or another. When you’re on a horse, you’re basically bashing them on top of the head, which is a prime target and harder to protect. Not to mention the large animal bumping into them is throwing them off balance.


Yeah, fair argument - I was trying to ‘balance’ that more by reducing the upwards damage rather than increasing the downwards - but you are correct, I shouldn’t claim that static mounted wouldn’t provide extra damage (I was focusing too much on the momentum aspect there), the available targets issue should also be taken into account there as well as from the other side.

Maybe a little extra damage is ok, because a mounted fighter can use his own weight and the gravity to add extra impact. I just think 2.0x damage + bleeding is just too much.

Hyper armor is a mechanic that allows different moves and balance between weapons and combos.
Weapon attacks have a hyper armor window, it doesn’t happen to be on the entire animation montage, but in the case of mounted combat, the entire montage have hyper armor.

It’s a good idea to have some difficulty to hit the enemy while horseback, like bow… it’s almost impossible to hit things with bow while mounted. lol

In fact it is already a little more difficult to hit a mounted opponent.
Some of your attacks end up hitting the horse and not the rider, depending on weapons and your distance.
In a way the horse helps to tank a little.

inb4 the comments from horse users who say ‘hurrrrr durrrrrrr ur just bad huuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr durrrrrrrrrr’

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Okay, let’s play your realistic game then.

Have you seen what a horse does when it gets slapped? I am not even talking about serious hurt by a javelin thrown at it or spear poke.

The rider will lose control over the horse at least. In the worst case the horse will try to throw off the rider.

If you hit a horse whilst galloping, the horse will fall. Simple as that. You know what will happen to the rider…

So please stop taking realism as an argument for game balance decisions. It only makes it worse. Because we are playing GAMES to have FUN. Realism goes into SIMULATORS. Conan is definitely a game…


Why dont you just get a horse yourself? So you can fight back?

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crashing the game!!

@Ignasi @Hugo

Why i got flagged?
There’s someone flagging posts he doesn’'t agree…


And there are other counters to horses already in game besides just going horse to horse. But people will still come here and argue no such counters exist and will go on a tirade of personal attacks against you if you even mention it, as well as trashing the developers. It is just an agenda to get their way.

And someone on a mount should have the advantage over somone on foot.

Entirely not accurate. 100% chance means you are going to die to this combo, period. While it is a deadly combo, it is not a death sentence. Furthermore, if you are going to stay on foot, start planning for dealing with mounts. You ARE at a disadvantage against them. Use blunted arrows on them to dismount them. Drop a palisade wall in front of them and use it to keep them off you. Or stick to the woods where they are at a terrain disadvantage. No argument from me about how strong they are, but it is a tad over the top to say that there’s nothing to be done about them or no counters, when some simple planning and tactics can keep you out of most of the scenarios where you would get killed by them.



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Palisades are useful, but only when you are on your own landclaim or where you cam build. Blunted arrows does little damage to horse’s endurance when shot by player (thralls does decent dmg).
But when you add tigers to the equation, things goes insane. The only way to fight against it is to use the same setup. But then the fight do not depend ok skillplay. It’s more a matter of Luci…

I challenge you to fight against me or even against my girlfriend (who never played conan before).
You can either go on foot or mounted without a Tiger.
I film and post on YouTube. What do u think?

Ok, you do realize that horses were used in combat for centuries and continue to be used to this day by law enforcement, right? You don’t think that maybe there’s just a little bit of training involved so that they don’t panic and throw the rider every time some jackass decides it might be funny to give them a little lovetap?


I mean…its not thar hard to get a horse lol.
Me and my friend fought against a clan of 4 people.
We were with horse they were on foot.
We managed to kill them pretty easily.
Next day we killed them again, but after that they came back with horses and murdered us.
So i dont really see your problem here.
You have to adapt to how the game changes.


So add that to your realism list: train your horse to not panic when getting attacked.
Conan Exiles, aka horse taming and training simulator 2020

But seriously, you didn’t get it. Go on, tell Funcom to make the game as realistic as possible. But don’t come to the forums and cry here when your character won’t respawn, because you died to a wild hyena who bit you and also had rabies and there is no vaccination in the time of “Conan the Barbarian”. (also don’t bring that argument “but magic can heal it”, because real life has no magic and therefore it’s super unrealistic)

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Your anekdote is a nice example for how the momentary meta in PvP works!

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