The end of PvP?

Hey there, i usually dont this but im confused. I know the PvE/RP Community is bigger than the PvP Community, and i know that they usually dont listen to the PvP Community or Community at all.

But what does that mean for the game and for the future of conan and pvp?

Right now its unplayable, its boring, heavy armor, horses, new healing system etc etc.
It destroyed PvP as most of us loved it and its the fifth time they change the ‚Meta‘. I ‚cried‘ about it everytime but kept playing cause im addicted, but now even i think i reaced a limit.

After 1000 of hours and officials i saw enough, i would love to keep playing this game but i cant play it anymore the way it was before, it was about skills. Now, everyone has ‚skills‘

All my fav streamers/players stopped already after only playing siptah for one week -.- that says alot about the game.

And lets not even talk about server performance, its getting worse and worse.

So even know i am a nobody and just a customer i wanted to say that it was fun, but i will look for another game slowly stepping away from conan.

And its not my fault, its yours, yall did to much and ruined PvP.

So congrats to every PVE‘er and RP‘er i think for yall its a great game now.

Have fun



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If you enjoy Horse + Sabretooth PvP then it’s not the end. But I agree, skill is not required anymore. Funcom officially removed the skill gap with horses.


I fully agree.
And what annoys me the most is when I see a post like yours and someone comes up and says “it does depends on skill, you don’t know” and things like haahahahah.
I have 7,000+ hours of conan, 6,000 on an official pvp server and the rest on a private pvp server. I may not be the best pvplayer in the world, but we can agree that I know something.
And something I can say is that Funcom was closing the skillgap little by little.
it started with buggy claws in which anyone could use target lock and spam clicks on the mouse to kill the enemy, but ok … there was still some skill involved and a little counter.
Then came the bow meta. Bow with target lock, turned any newbie into an expert sniper and we saw Conan exiles become a kind of Battlefield or COD, but ok, there was still some skill involved.
They reduced the effectiveness of the dodge rolling, which I found interesting because it provided new possibilities for pvp, but then the horses came!
A player mounted on a horse just needs to hold the right mouse button and let go when he is close to the enemy.
Added to this is the fact that pets (like tigers) are extremely strong, run extremely fast, bleed and knock down the enemy, and this way they almost completely removed the skillplay from the game.
Finally, they change the way they heal.
That is. You take a hit from the spear, fall to the ground, a tiger comes at you, knocks you down again, in that moment you will already have 2 to 4 bleed. and can’t heal. GG
It doesn’t matter if you have 10,000 hours of play or 20 hours. anyone can do that.
Skillplay should be rewarded.
People watch online game streams to learn new strategies, to play better, but conan doesn’t have it anymore.
The only way to still have some fun in pvp in this game is with mods.
Some mod developers do good work to try to balance or bring content that funcom can’t do.


Probably. Devs really need to play the game to see what they have created now.


What makes me sad is seeing so many ppl that feel the same way but nobody (funcom) does anything. Its a shame, for a game that we invested so many hours and money for DLC‘s and love tp go down this way. Its was fun.

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You forgot the one-shotting thrall META :smiley:

But the rest is on point.


The delusions are strong in this one.


Oh and on the only one official server I play on (next to privates) there is a 10 people Russian clan who claimed the spawn area for the sabre tooth kittens and sells them for ???. They all run around with 1 sabre tooth on follow.

I hope this is another illustration on HOW OP those cat pets are.

If you are referring in your 2nd sentence to what I wrote, I assure you that was not my intent. It was mainly just a comment about the OP’s last sentence. Funcom has taken much of my fun out steadily every patch since release.

You could have used a quote to make it more clear. Something like:


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Yea, well, I think it is kind of Ironic that many PVP players think this is what PVE players want out of the game. Mostly, I blame the people who post on this forum the all the time and want to change everything. Some no longer post here everyday, but some still remain. You are right about my initial post, just didn’t think anyone would have a problem with it. I’m still not sure if that was something that upset him but I apologize for my poor forum etiquette.

They removed it, when their logic was “if 1 skilled player can kill get 10 beginners, its not fun for 10 people and only fun for 1. So now you cannot, so that 10 players have fun and the one alone not” :smiley: :smiley:

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haha spot on! love your post!

I used to walk around with:

1x Bow
1x Axe/Shield
1x Daggers
1x Pike
Lots of buffs/pots/food

If my opponant ran, i’d shoot their feet with the bow…if i could get in close, i’d pike them as they ran…then use daggers to bleed, followed by axe/shield to finish the job and various tactics like this to accomodate whatever they would throw my way…ie lets say they bring out a mace or daggers, shield/axe…


Lance, Horse, Sabre… turn brain off.

I can’t remember now the last time i had a non-horse pvp situation arise. Its been so long.


Maybe if you had more suggestions and less complains they could so something about it. So far i only see buff this nerf that and insults towards the devs… i mean, i understand the frustation and as you all pointed it’s kinda lame right now, but you are not helping either.

Start being more constructive next time, i hope they fix the game so we all can have fun in our respective game modes :^)


I’ve already given my suggestions before (in various other threads). But here again:

Cat pets:

  • Reduce damage overall.
  • Remove damage from the knockdown leap attack. The CC and bleed is enough.


  • Remove all debuff effects from weapons. If you want debuff effects, go melee and actually manage to get a combo done on the enemy
  • Remove the 1.5x or whatever it is damage bonus when hitting with your weapon, no matter if you are full speed or standing

And suggestions are just suggestions. In the end it’s Funcom game designers who decide.


Agreed except for the lance as it can only be used from horse back

Agreed here too also people should give a lot of time to them right now as in the stream the did say a lot of reworking was going on like economics and much more. I would play pvp or a sever but time with covid and many other things so only single for me but I will be patient with them as a lots is coming before mid next year a lot of people I know want this game but I told them not to buy because lots of them have limited internet and all the updates coming and size they can’t afford but I’ve shown them lots and the are eager but they have to wait to make it easier in terms of gb downloading but lots is to come for they game and us just got to hold are horses :smiling_imp:

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in fact several of us have already given devs possible solutions.
Currently I believe that a Nerf of the reaction speed of the pets, changing the knockdown effect for a cripple of the attack of the tigers, decreasing their damage output and decreasing their movement speed would help a lot.
As for mounted combat, adding a speed debuff to the horse when hit on the leg or even including a charged spear attack capable of knocking the player off the horse would allow some counterplay.
Besides, I don’t know if the funcom didn’t notice, while they nerfed the overall healing, it is still possible to use ambrosia and the healing waterskin while mounted.
I think it should be possible to heal while riding, but as long as you did that, you wouldn’t be able to run with the horse.(emulating the person’s care not to spill the potion’s contents).
Other possibilities would be:
The 2h sword attack does more damage to the horse’s endurance. *
The shot loaded from the bow will bring down the knight.

  • 2h sword, zweihander was almost a mixture of sword and spear because of its length and style of use.
    Some reports cite it as an anti-cavalry weapon.
    So here are the resume of ideas:

-Nerf the reaction speed of pets (mainly tigers)
-Replace the tiger’s knockdown for a milder effect (maybe the cripple)
-Decrease the movement speed of tigers
-Decrease Pet’s damage output
-Add a speed debuff when the horse is hit in the legs. (horse cripple)
-Add a charged attack with the spear capable of knocking down the horse’s opponent or inflicting considerable damage to the horse’s endurance (stamina)
-Some attacks with the 2h sword may cause more damage to the horse’s endurance.
-The fully charged attack from the bow could knock down the opponent from the horse.
-Allowing the use of healing potions while mounted, but preventing running with it during the period (animation could take longer)
-Allows you to cancel the bandage animation (obviously canceling it’s healing) to avoid being hit.
-Maybe reduce the healing amount from potions but not cause such a severe cripple.
-one hit knockdowns by lances only happening when hitting specific body parts like the head or the middle of the chest.

These are just some of the ideas that I just had here.
Certainly there are several other players with good ideas and possibly even better than mine.