PVP is dying and quick

PVP is taking a major hit with the recent update for horses. I understand wanting to accommodate for the pve players and wanting to make horses better but they make PvP almost impossible. Not to mention their are many servers experiencing DDOS issues making farming before raid timer almost impossible. One server really having DDOS issues is 3595 with random shutdowns. Your servers really need to be improved and horses need a major nerf.

This game is not PVP anymore.
And most private servers are now week end raid only 20:00 / 22:00, so it is PVE.
I remember the good time, end of 2018, officials PVP servers was fun!
Then come the animals … and this december 2019 update.
With the last update it is over, now it is a PVE / RP game.

I totally agree that horses destroyed almost all fun with pvp, and that’s why a lot of people quit the game aswell.
Problem is now, PVP part of this game is getting smaller and smaller and genarating less money than the other parts so tbh i dont think anything will happen.
Just take the mounts update for example, they released it and havent done a single adjustment with it, they think they released a perfect version of it.

Also can take the thralls for example, they have been OP since idk when. And now last stream the devs guy said “it’s not meant to be like that” then my question is, did it take them 2ish years to realise that or what? But it’s good they say they gonna fix it, and I hope it will be soon.

Same with server performance, it has been a problem aswell since the beginning, and it’s not improving. ’

So what they has to do, for PVP is,

Make thralls less powerfull.

Make it possible to kill horses out of raid, and remove bleed from spear on all the hits.

Balance the weapons so u actually can kill a player for example spear is a lot less damage compared to other weapons, dont nerf weapons, buff spear so u actually can kill someone with it again.

Fix the gap between heavy and light armor make heavy around 700 armor, medium 500, and have light like it is. Trying to kill a guy with 1 handed black ice sword almost takes 1 full stamina bar, and on that u need to hunt aswell, that’s not how heavy should work.

It’s not the horse update that killed PvP servers, it’s the toxic players, the unreported bugs which were heavily abused and the cheaters using 3rd party programs that I won’t mention, to gain an advantage. These combined don’t create a friendly competitive environment for the few players that believe in fair play.

I mean, Funcom had to disable gods because it was the most heavily exploited feature not to mention the item duping and under meshing. It’s the horses alright, the update that doubled Conan Exiles concurrent player numbers on steam from 5k to 10k.

In my opinion, Funcom gave pvp servers and players led them to ruin. Good job.


Toxicness is not the reason. And yes, horses made people leave the game. Because horses are to overpowered compared to a guy on foot. For example spear on foot, damage is useless. Spear on horse, good damage and gives bleed every single hit, and tbh that’s really stupid.

Competetive part of the PVP is gone (yes it really had a competetive scene before). And reason is because PVP got boring and lame, and horses didnt help it. Now to be fair I feel movement is in the right direction, with light roll and so on. But they need to make it enjoyable to fight, and possible to kill players 1v1 or 1v2 without have to fight untill people either out of heals or just giving up and runs away.

4th accuracy perk was good for PVP dmg. It gave u 30%armor pen for all weapons, now they removed that perk, so now u weaker than idk when. They need to balance armors, weapons. Heavy should be nerfed like 200 points, and weapons that obviously weaker damage wise that others should be buffed.

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They increased their numbers yes, mostly becsuse PVE and RP is getting bigger. I can promies u that its not PVP coming back, they rather leaving.

And btw im not talking about killing servers, im talking about PVP = fighting is dying.

Lekker… agree, but they can earn more money on PVE side compared to PvP in general.
Because it’s easier to make a saddle for $ compared to balancing weapons and armors which doesn’t bring the money. As I can see they had to make money out of the horses/mounts patch working hours, so the focus shifted to that part. It’s like sqeezing money out of every easy corner.

Yea, and everyone that knows the background know that horses wasnt possible to release to the game, and boom they manage to do it. Weird it came out same time as new movement :wink: Moment before being an issue was just an excuse to get horses in to the game, cuz it is still as easy or even easier to get out of a fight now with new movement if u dont wanna ride an OP horse.
They seriously need to find a way to fix that. PVP players still buying all their DLC’s so making PVP players unhappy will generate less money aswell.

So horses are the reason people leave? I thought it was the constant min/max players that blocked access to critical areas needed for others to advance and made the PVP server into their own personal PVE server…the childish bullying of individuals, and the blatant cheaters. But no it’s the horses because it makes crappy weapons useful and provides transport faster. Seriously this sounds more like whining that they aren’t special anymore. What are you going to say when they cap thralls?


This one needs to happen asap. I agree.

Agree. But it has never really been about true PVP. The balance issues go all the way to resources. Most clans prefer offline raiding, then spam building to protect area. nothing in PVP servers drives a real reason to war against another clan. Mostly it is either boredom that leads to a raid, or just trolly nature of PVP players in general. the officials have always been like that. Raiding for mats is a falsity, as one can farm faster and way more efficiently than gamble on a raid to find stuff.

Yep, this game really needs a directional based combat system!

This right here is the correct answer. The balance for PvP is fundamentally off and I doubt that any amount of tweaking can ever fix that.

I loved this game and played it nearly exclusively for a year and a half. It’s a great game for building cool structures in a moderately hostile world. If you’re looking for quality PvP you should consider playing something else.


I miss the true PvP.

Tip for free Funcom…

In short; this game in PvP uses the name Alpha, why doesn’t Funcom does something about it. Like some kind of “Crown Holders” in a server which mean you are the Alpha’s and everyone can see it because in the playerlist there will be a crown icon before the name and you have an option to wear a crown on your character. How you can be crown holder are several options to choose but one of them can be a Flag/Foundation or something that the crown holders clan can put down on the ground/base and can’t move it for a week or 2 and have like 6 hours to move the object every week or 2. Other clans see an emblem on the map where that object is (with timer) so others got a week to destroy/take the “crown holders object” and have some time to place it where the new crownholders want it. When the server is new, the first clan gets the crown holders object.

Something like this should move clans in a server and the reward is without any “advantage”.

Not hard to think about it Funcom… Please focus on PvP, role players got their wishes last half year/year.


The problem about “fixing PvP” is that PvPers can’t agree among themselves what they want out of a PvP experience. Some people are complaining that their bases are too vulnerable to offline raiding because bombs are too easy to spam; others complain that raiding bases is too difficult because it takes more effort to bomb a foundation than it takes to repair it. Some want a free-for-all battle royale, others want clan wars. Some want strong thralls to defend against raiding, others want to nerf thralls so that players would need to fight their own battles.

Every now and then I see people referring to “true PvP”. What exactly does that concept mean?


Game stopped being pvp long time ago.

There is no offline raiding … there is raiding during raid time.
If you want to defend your base, you have to be there!

I agree with u aswell. Thing why people dont raid as they used to is also because all the nerfs. U need more jars now to destroy a foundation, and it is way to cheap to repair a broken foundation. Some spots are impossible to raid if u build it right and u are online to repair. Keyhole at great dam is a good example.

They also need to somehow make some kinda limit of how many building pieces u can place. Otherwise we will just see people spam everywhere.

But biggest issue for me is actually the PVP, weapons are to weak compared to the heavy armor, it’s way to easy to tank a full combo from almost every weapon now when accuracys 4th perk (30armor pen) is gone. Spear the best weapon to hunt people down except for bow is to low damage to actually be able to kill a person cuz speed and damage is so low. I mean spear what other weapon u actually need to have good aim to hit opponents? So why should it be so freaking bad.

And horses, need to get a fix, either make them way harder to turn around, remove bleed from spear and also the weird hitbox, and last make it possible to kill horses out of raidtime.

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This is so cool, thinking about new ideas for pvp, not as itself, but as pvp modes could really take the game to the next step. Maybe we should open a topic only about that?

Problem with people saying its to easy to raid a base is probably cuz they dont ever tried it themself, if u wanna raid a good built base u need to spend a ton of time to be successful. Standing behind a drawbridge and repair is just stupid and shouldnt be a thing. Repair a foundation should cost 75-85% of the cost placing a new one. And also that when u got a foundation destroyed u shouldnt be able to place a foundation on that exact spot again for maybe 5-10 mins. I think that would help alot.

People joining PVP servers thinking they can build and live as they did on a PVE/PVE-C server.