Horses are broken in pvp! Too high damage

Its ridiculous how much damage you can do on a horse in PVP. Its broken IMO !
Im quitting the game for now until this get fixed. Im so freaking tired of not standing a chance against players on horses.
Rhinos are also Useless compared to a horse, they cant do anything. They should be so hard to kill if u choose them over a horse.
Fix this ?

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use a horse yourself

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yeah I also think anyone I fight should have their weapons and armor weaker than mine. It’s not fair they have the same combat capabilities and options I have. I have a family of 8 and I want a casual experience so I can raise my family at the same time as I tell myself I’m good at videogames

Horses ARE broken. Even the devs have said so in their most recent livestream. It gives you a HUGE advantage if you have the element of surprise for you. Like, basically, is you get surprised, you’re DEAD. Almost no chance of survival, cuz usually the one on the horse is 1) spamming you while you’re on the ground, 2) accompanied by a thrall that adds to the damage you take, and once you’re dead, your thrall is almost useless.

The problem is, it’s not even a matter of skill, but luck ; the first one to hit is the winner. Ok, some people ARE good, but mostly, PvP is now reduced to chasing people on their horse, and the one who’s at the back of the other has the advantadge, end of the story.

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if you can also have a horse I don’t see the problem. Once again if your taken advantage of tactically with the element of surprise by someone on a galloping horse and your able to be on a horse then your death is your fault or bad luck. If you want every advantage someone has employed to maintain combat victory over you when you can have the exact same equipment, mount, and thrall. Then maybe a game with barbaric savages and people with a lot of time on their hands finding ways to capitalize on an opportunity isn’t the player versus player experience you will ever enjoy. I watched a video of a guy who clowned a clan of three with one or two on horseback by himself and with no horse, or base of his own and destroyed their whole base.

Best fight in Conan the Barbarian - Battle of the Mounds/Prayer to Crom - YouTube try using great axes and high ground and stop begging for Crom to take away your hardships

Mate it’s a very obvious problem to the point where it IS slated for a nerf I just can’t remember what update it’s coming on. Not a matter of if but when. Horses will still prob be better, but on foot players will not be at such an unfair advantage. No one has asked for any extra advantage, just to lessen the advantage that’s already there.

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Bruv, what part of barbarian and savages does the word fair and nerf fit in. I’ll tell you where fair fits. YOU and THEM can both have the exact same “advantage” but who cares if this game is going to bend the knee to this mingng then maybe they’ll just add something else to aggravate your perspective whenever they fix something the casual role player gets frustrated over their lost resource farming whinge and minge. I like how when survival games designed around challenge whether unfair or otherwise become too hard the zombies and Karins come in to say yo it’s unfair and fictional struggle should be fair, just like my laid back life where no one is having a rough go of it just like myself. Feel free to flag or block me Funcom what does it even matter anymore.

Well I guess it’s a good thing your salt don’t speak for the entire community eh? Nerfs and changes come and go, it keeps the game fresh. I’m not in here stamping my feet and whining, that spotlight is squarely on you mate. I’m not even one who has cried out for changes to horse combat lol :joy: I can just see and admit that it needs a tweak. I’m not going to flag anything despite your attempts to resort to insult, your entitled to your opinion, just mind you don’t swallow any of that salt, Bruv.

your not Funcom, whom I was referring to in the flag and block. I’ve only seen people successfully fight horse riders on foot and outnumbered and win. if it’s salt you taste I won’t comment why. I enjoy fighting something that has an unfair advantage over me but forcing a playstyle because it’s not a fair fight when it totally can be is dumb, mate

Like I’m trying unsuccessfully to point out, I see more ppl asking for the removal of the unfairness which you just admitted is there and you enjoy facing. If funcom cater to the very vocal minority and leave it as it is than it’s the majority being forced to change a play style. I’ve learned to adapt so it really doesn’t bother me overly, but I’m not arrogant enough to demand that my wants be addressed over the majorities. Anyway I’m not overly fond of running around in circles so peace out and good luck :+1:

There is no good luck, there is only people crying until they get their way. Be the bigger man and take it with stride sure we can try that for a spell, but then the complaining keeps going, the quality of things keeps deteriorating and if being a mature person about it rewards us with having dirt and filth rubbed off on us as we welcome it like a silent doormat then where does it end. If we’re just supposed to bow our heads and treat whining brats with accommodating patience we’ll be walked over and forgotten while they slowly ruin things for themselves as we let them ruin things for us without substantial dissent. Make your luck good Zombie. Draw a line and hold it before it drifts too far from your grasp if not for you then for the rest who ask what you did to prevent it from getting so bad when you could have made a difference.

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