Will you PLEASE fix the horses

I cannot be the only person that thinks the horse combat is broken. The fact that you can just casually be rode up on by some guy on a horse and stabbed for half your health twice that fast. It’s disgusting and quite frankly has broken the game since it’s debut.


So true…or is it only us two?

I agree, we’ll have to see how it works though now that the healing system has changed. You can only heal from food while on horse back.

If its not enough I’d like to see attacking from horse back cost horses endurance.

As I’m not a pvp player I don’t fully understand but having used mounts a good bit I can speculate the following: you probably aren’t going to have enough time to run from the horseman to climb out of the way, if he has a bow there’s a chance he can shoot you if your climbing anyway, however, I cannot see a good “fix” for this system as nerfing mounts speed would make them less usefull, consuming endurance while attacking is a interesting concept but this probably won’t work well on rhinos

Overall I do agree though that a player on horseback riding up to you and 2 shooting you is bad for a pvp environment though and needs rebalancing

Its not the horses speed that gets me, it’s the amplified and easily placed damage(usually a spear) that gets me. On foot you aren’t going to hit someone for 150+ damage and inflict bleeding with a basic heavy attack. All of that happens with or without ANY momentum while on horseback. Its absurd.

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IF anything, attck from a standing still horse should be less damage, if you are charging it should be normal damage. Simple as that, and i think it would fix issues Also, the 100% bleed with every spear hit makes it a DOT attack as well. Way too many attack perks for being on horse back.

Horses should be nerfed, meanwhile always carry 2 of those wooden fences to stop their momentum, or palisade, and be smart to place them before they run you over.

Im agree, you cant be safe on foot or be a real warrior on foot vs a horse. Damage are wayyy to strong. Sometime i walking, then i hear a horse but its already to late im hitted by a spear = 1 hit half hp and bleeding then a second = dead. This is disgutting. Horse combat is pretty cool but the damage with spear has to be nerfed.

You are one of few who actually understands this situation despite having never played PvP.

The damage you do from horseback is amplified by 1.5 for some reason. Right click with a spear gives you bleed as well.

Gladly with today’s patch they enabled aloe potions to heal through bleed, which was needed for the new healing system.

If they would just remove the frickin’ bleeding after hitting from a horse back I’d be glad already. I mean, I would appreciate if a horse would really only be a mount. Nothing more. But if they really want to keep horse pvp in the game it needs to face some serious balancing finally.

There are just too few penalties of riding a horse. They can generally jump up on stuff. If you go off a cliff a horse rider(and ive seen this countless times) can pretty much fall down and hug the wall hard and negate alot of the damage to stamina from falling, all while being nearly invulnerable to damage while mounted. I fought a player who was encumbrance build on a horse while I was fully kitted and spec’d to fight. I hit him 4 times in. About 10 seconds with an axe and that wasn’t enough to knock him off. At a minimum, allow on foot players to do more damage to horse stamina with attacks. If im going to be chased relentlessly by some asshat on a horse(or God forbid an entire squad just looking to grief everyone) i should be able to turn around, start a weapon combo and knock you off. Its only fair right? Somethings got to give.

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