Horses and saddles are too OP

In official servers everybody fight with horses.

Anyone on horseback deals a lot of damage.
Brandishing a weapon does not consume stamina. In addition, the blows with a spear give bleeding and have a lot of reach.
Currently, everyone fights on horseback for these reasons.

I think a rebalancing is needed.

Thanks for your attention


Here we go again. Soon will the knights appear and say, “no it’s not OP imagine in real life…”

And yes. I totally agree with you. And many others do aswell. They need to be balanced.

The core PVP that most of the players enjoyed with conan is kinda gone, just because of the horses, imagine having 4th hit glitch back but on horseback. What a dream… not!

And how FC let this be going on for such a long time is for me unreal.


There are two sides to the Conan coin. Just because your side is tarnished, does not mean our side is.
Horses are under powered in Pve.
They just stand there and get eaten. No animal does that, only in Conan.

BTW when I was in high school my girlfriend had 6 horses. We rode them everywhere. We drank, ate, and did what teenagers do on a horse.

Yet in Conan, your horse cant jump a rock you cant eat on horse back. My High school girl friend would be so disappointed.

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Underpowered in PVE? You can kill almost anything with horse in PVE since you really cant get hit by anything. Just hit the mobs/boss and run away, then do it again.

No horses are OP. And if you can’t see it im really sorry. But there is no reasons you should be able to;
1, Have last hit effect every hit.
2, No stamina loss while attacking.
3, no stamina loss while swimming (even regenerating stamina while swimming).
4, Hit from horseback while swimming.
5, A knockdown damage + weapon damage that deals x1.5 of the damage you do on foot+lasthiteffect.
6, Knockdown that lasts forever.
7, Stamina loss while getting hit, and also how quick after you can get back on horse after getting knocked of it.

There is probably more, but this is what I got right now. If you dont say that isn’t OP even for PVE im really confused.

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Underpowered because you fail to take care of it? Ofc it could run away when getting hit but what is the limit? It could also get annoying pretty quickly, because people would always have to run after their horses in PvE fights.

And I could easily use herbal tea and roasted haunch when on horseback.


Dont fight on horse back. Get off and fight, have to get off anyway to loot, and its way faster on the ground. I do run things down with he horse.
Cept the horses head blocking your view.

I have no idea what your trying to say. You stuff food in the inventory and go.
Cant eat on a horse, you have to dismount.

Conan has never been the same since horse combat. It used to be you win a fight because of skill. Now its just knock people down because they can’t hit you, and let your thrall one-shot them…

That’s simply wrong.

That’s exactly how it is. You can eat and drink, evem use bandages on a horse

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