Horses Debuff to balance open world PvP

Remove the status efffets (e.g. Bleed) from horses, reduce their damage, reduce damage needed to knock player off the horse, and increase the time needed to remount after being dismounted to 30s.

Horses ruin PvP.


You probably already saw it JC, but gonna link my suggestion post here:


Totally agree.

Throughout history, when new technology or advancements have been made in warfare, people adjust tactics used in combat to counter the new technology.

The addition of horses in Conan Exiles is no different than advances made throughout history. You have to adapt and adjust your tactics accordingly to compete with a superior force.

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I do agree that adjusting is part of the survival aspect. But surviving should not having to conform to meta due to imbalance in game play. If they introduced mounted Mammoths that at full running speed does 25,000 hp damage to structures in one charge, should we just adjust or point out how it would totally replace explosives when raiding?

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With the amount of posts regarding mounted pvp, imo if FC felt there was an imbalance, surely they would have adjusted it in any patch/update since the release of mounts in December of last year. Given that, i would expect no changes forthcoming regarding mounts. It would appear that adjusting your tactics is the only viable option left available to you.

May i suggest palisades to start. Portable obstructions will help you. Any terrain you can use to your advantage should not be overlooked; trees that stand close together, stones large enough to climb onto, waterways that impede horse sprinting, cliffs, etc.Conan has a good climbing mechanic, dont forget that.

A horse’s speed comes from forward momentum, and they cannot turn tightly at speed, unless saddled with light armor. But most pvp riders use heavy saddles which negates maneuverability, substantially. That makes them easier to avoid.

I personally have never been successfully horsed, not once, even against 3 riders simultaneously. Partially to the fact that i spend as much time looking over my shoulder as i do looking forward.

I hope you find some uses for the information and tactics i suggested, in your travels.

Mr. Fingerton

Edit: P.S. i forgot about claw weapons in my suggestions. They decrease your overall size by crouching your character over and forward. They also have lunge attacks that move your character forward over a small distance, allowing a “dodge”. They also allow you to attack the rider head on, missing results in your character passing the rider and ‘landing’ behind them…and they make wolves howl in the distance…whats not to like?

Conan is a GAME and NOT REAL LIFE.
If you would make balance adjustments based on real life, then the game would be totally unfun to play. (Guess why we are playing games)

Took Funcom just ~2 years to balance out the spear meta. Bugs get fixed within 3 months on average instead of 3 days.

Doesn’t kill the horse abusers if they are not completly braindead.

Wrong. Light saddle is META.

Sorry, but then you only played vs noobs. Your other statements reinforce this.

You get stunlocked when you use claws, since horses have 100% hyporarmor. They also simply outdamage you.


Ever hear of an example? Its when u reference a thing to another thing. It is made as a comparison. I am aware that my console is not an extension of rl. I do believe i used a third person pretence, in the words, " your character". Several times.

As stated, my suggestions were focused toward avoidance and retreat. Not combat.

The servers i play on are populated by alot of EA players and day 1’ers. I would enjoy you logging in and calling them out as noobs.

Try the claw class wpns again, against a mounted individual. You will see.

I felt the OP was having a difficult time against mounted players, and merely suggested some of the practices i make use of, in hopes they benifet from my post. If you would like to add something that helps the OP, that would be a better expenditure of your time, imo.

Your suggestions are sound in strategy. The only issue is that one is dependent on either constantly farming zeal for Jhebal timed claws or getting an RNG lottery win in the Den. And in PVE-C and PVP, if one is relying on RNG to help them, then it is not a strategy of skill but luck. I personally have not had major issues with horse fighters, as i tend to stay close to cliffs when exploring. But i still feel that a player should not get 1.5 damage, bleed on every spear strike, and not have any stamina management when attacking off of horseback with weapon strikes. It is counter to everything that is in melee. Melee combat when it works right is stam, HP, debuff management, and spacing while engaged. Horse back removes 3 of the 4 for the rider.


Disagree, too much time,
also when you fall you already comes without stamina

I agree with this

Not so much… made it easier to peaceful players have a chance to save themselves from power-abusing power-gamers / power-guilds

Maybe i was just lucky with my claw drops, 5 total. Kept 3, gave 2 to a clan mate…Hoooooowwwwllll!

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