Horse PVP needs some sort of con

So got back on officials. Horse “PVP”??? Just wow. There is no way this was intended right. Alex should be outraged at how this is very meta. To the point one doesn’t need grit, aromor or anything outside of a dragon bone bone spear.
don’t get me wrong, there is a place for Horses in combat. But just wow. Maybe when swinging it effects the purple stamina bar??? Because i really hope it is a technical issue as to why one does not consume any stamina on horse back. To the point you could raid a water base with explosive arrows on horse back. OR just circle and spam arrows on a target. OR better yet hit the hand brake and trample them again before they even have a legit chance to recover. Now, i can avoid them yes ( and i do quite well getting NPC’s involved.) But i want to play Conan Exiles, not just troll them knowing i could be playing more intuitive games as far as pvp goes… As far as go get horse, well then there would be no combat at all as it would be demolition derby horses just running and hand-breaking. And not using anything else outside of 3 things-- bow, spear, horse. No armor, no other weapons needed. Just that. So wow. Really look at the balance and how you (Funcom) have cancelled almost everything else in combat.

horse PVP is akin to being able to level a kicker on Madden Football to kick 100 yard field goals. Sure i could get me a kicker like that. But field goal contest is not American football or what Madden would be trying to create thematically. I would pretty much play another game instead of play something like that. Hell i don’t play it now because a TE can rush for 2000 yards in a season on there. Pretty much breaks immersion when Travis Kelce has a 10.0 ypc average, and in real life he may be lucky to break 2.0 per carry.


A good reason for you to get your own server up and running again. Rule #7 no horses.


Yeah, or at least make it where there is some sort of area one can go and not worry about a broken mechanic.


Basically this:

And those:

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Yep. I would honestly like to see Alex’s take on this. In the last stream he was in, he talked about bringing combat to a new level and to be more engaging (paraphrasing), This is totally the opposite of that view.
@hugo @Ignasi
Would love to hear from Alex if/when he has time on how they came to the following conclusions about the “broken” mechanics of Horse PVP.
No stam usage by player while on horse back.
Armor rating not needed by player on horse back.
Spear does bleed on every strike.
Damage 1.5 on Horse Back.
attacked foot player no recovery time once ran over.

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Also check this:

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