Suggestions to balance horses for PvP

They are still overpowered. Here is a list of actions, that could be taken, in order to make “normal PvP” (aka on foot PvP) great again:

  • Remove bleeed/cripple debuffs when attacking from a horse
  • Remove the 1.5 (or whjatever it is) damage multiplier, when you attack from a horse with a weapon (trample damage should stay like it is)
  • Make players interruptable from getting on horses with attacks (cancel the mount animation when they get attacked by melee)
  • Make players use stamina when attacking from a horse
  • Prevent players from attacking when they are swimming on a horse (this is actually a huge advantage and maybe should not get changed, but then reconsidered when swimming without horse)

Add the use of horse stamina as well.

What about sunder? Poison?

Remove bleed/cripple debuffs when attacking from a horse
Why? Weapons that inflict bleeds or cripple you no longer function quite right when being struck from horseback?

Remove the 1.5 (or whatever it is) damage multiplier when you attack from a horse with a weapon (trample damage should stay like it is)
Fun experiment: Have a friend hit you with a pool noodle or a wiffle bat. Now have that same friend strike you with the same implement as he drives past at 30 mph. Let me know how that goes. Also, glad to hear you agree that getting run over by a 2,000 lb animal should hurt like hell.

Make players interruptable from getting on horses with attacks (cancel the mount animations when they get attacked by melee)
Y’know what…okay. This makes sense.

Make players use stamina when attacking from a horse
This also makes sense.

Prevent players from attacking when they are swimming on a horse
I’ve no actual experience riding on horseback, let alone riding a horse while it was swimming. I’ve no reason to believe that firing a bow while the horse swims should be all that impossible, however.

Probably 98% of these “horses are too imbalanced for pvp” posts amount to “all the combat tactics I’ve been using all along don’t work anymore when I’m fighting someone on horseback and I don’t like it!” This is largely more of the same, imo. 2 reasonable suggestions out of 5 put you ahead of the pack, however, so strong work.

Nine times out of ten, foot loses to horse.


With that, these poor horses will have the same advantages as thoses of a bicycle.
A lot of suggestions have been made to allow foot fighters to counter cavalry without reducing the role of these beasts.

Is it truly a matter of balance or (as you said in your message) a way to make “foot PvP great again” i.e. the only way to pvp???

With horses, Funcom introduce another way to fight:

  • of course, the tactical role of horse on open field
    -but there is also another way to play: with one hand on keyboard, one hand on the mouse. Is PVP only for those of us who are keyboards acrobats?

Thank you for your opinion :slight_smile:

Because of balance reasons. If we take the spear as example, you basically only do 4th hits without going through the combo chain.

I am talking about just standing with a horse next to a player and hitting him.

In real life. We are playing a GAME and there should be some kind of BALANCE. Come one people, Funcom finally managed to make the normal PvP balanced, so you can use all weapons instead of only spear.

Don’t let the horse META be the new spear/roll META.

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Altho it doesnt make proper logic, it has in game mechanics logic. Light attacks cripple enemies so riders can run past them, turn around and charge again. That is the biggest advantage any rider should have against ground, they cant turn around and have meleers already in their back (specially NPCs who have infinite stamina). If it didnt work that way riders would have to run even further, stamina is a fixed value. So many limitations would make mounted combat extremely inefficient and even more susceptible to terrain.

Riders are attacking from higher ground, of course they deal more damage! They are swinging their weapon down at foes, its also a very even trade considering riders cant dodge, use shields or most heavy hitting two handed weapons.

So if a rider gets dismounted in a combat, not only they are exposed until their stamina regenerate, you are also suggesting they pretty much are prevented from returning to the mount for the length of the combat… seriously?

Unless people choose to stand still and trade blows, stamina manager is a complicate thing in a horse. It takes long to recover and can get a rider in the ground, adding attacks to the list could get a rider dismounted even in gallop. I dont even need to mention you also suggested that once dismounted they are prevented from getting in their horses.

Its clear (from the suggestions, countless posts and comments like this) you are not interested in “balancing” anything. You simply refuse horses, you refuse to see the game improving and changing and want the “good old foot PvP” back as you just said. I doubt you ever used mounted combat in game, mounted combat would simply not be viable if these “balances suggestions” were to be implemented, how can you propose any changes if you dont even know how the mechanics work?

Next time, try suggesting “remove horses entirely from the game” that would feel more genuine.

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20 ENC and cripple is no issue. Bleed is more annoying and you can easily stack it when on horse. You can literally 4 shot an enemy in heavy flawless epic armor with 40 VIT from a horse.
Also NPCs are a joke to fight. If you are having trouble against those, then I can’t take you seriously.

Don’t start with real life arguments in a GAME balance discussion. You don’t need to dodge when on a horse because you hardly get hit, mostly your horse.

Stamina regenerates slower on a horse, which makes it more balanced. If you get low on Stamina and another horse is charging in, consider getting off your horse and dodge the charge, to avoid getting dismounted into out of stamina.

Just keep fighting on foot until you find a good situation to mount again. But oh wait, you just accepted that mounts are OP compared to fighting on foot. Hmmm :face_with_monocle:

The player also has a stamina bar.

You don’t get it. I am simply asking for balance. So both on foot and on horse PvP is viable. Not like right now, where you are super screwed when you don’t have a horse.

I agree with you


Totally agree with, they need to get changed in those ways.

And for the rest, it feels like some of u think this is real life, we playing a game. I can understand most of you are horse players, and doing good with it right now when they actually are OP. But thing is, PVP will be more popular if new people trying out the game wouldnt be totally owned by a unbalanced mechanic in game.

But with these changes horses still will work good, just not as unbalanced compared to foot PVP. Horses will still be better than on playing on foot aswell. But you got a bigger chance to either survive, or killing the horseplayer. Because remember this is not real life, this is a game. In real life I dont really see bats going around talking for example.

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Seriously, that kinda lame comment tbh. If it’s gonna be like that, everytime you suggest something, I hope someone copying that line. If you haven’t realised that horses are to good and dont see they need a balance update, you just ignorant about it.

People bought this game, without horses. And nowdays people coming back for 8-9 months away from the game, and the game is totally different, not the game they bought from start, and that’s not a good thing all of the times. I really hope, FC realises this, and if that happens, I actually think they could get back some of the oldschools players that actually quit just because of it.

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