Horse stamina addition!


Why is there no stamina cost for swinging weapons on horseback?

I get the regen while just slowly moving but for real, Swinging a weapon or using a bow with no penalty during combat?
I see a lot of players going with the venom pike etc on mount not even bothering with pvp.

Sitting on a mount with a cheese pike is not what I would call pvp, especially when almost every player has nothing but the pike. There have been the odd player with a plan B and actually get off the mount to fight from time to time but for the most part it’s just pike cheese and it’s killing the fun for me personally.

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its why pvp is boken with horse

I desagree totally, of course, this is not a big surprise.

I dont want my horse to become a bike.
I would like cavalry to stay great again and again: horse, knight lance and a 1H weapon

1/Another way to think:

  • What I see is that in fact you dislike this infantry spear used on horseback: this weapon is in fact very very powerfull (bleeding etc) when used riding a horse.
  • The knight lance is not so powerfull and it already has a lot of disadvantages which make a good balance … if needed.
  • Maybe it is not the horse, but the infantry spear used on horseback you are frightened of ??

2/I have another big issue with all these arguments against horses:
it seems that the goal is not to have a balance but clearly to destroy horses as warmounts.

  • a)Very very strangely, I dont see many ppl proposing to increase the effect of some infantry weapons against charging horses: let us say pikes (spears) on one side and stakes to protect bowmen on the other side (you dont really need an artisan table to make 2 to 4 stakes with rough wood. These stakes already exist in game, they are called palissades but they are made on an artisan table and with sophisticated wood, a pity, I agree). In fact, when these stakes are prepared in advance in your inventory your archers just need some time to install them on the ground, then some time to take them again and bring them away. Of course you can already use palissades in this way, why dont you do that?? Strange again.

  • b)very very strangely too, disadvantages of horses are not taken into account to estimate such a “balance” : they dont fight on their own, if dismounted they can be killed quietly. You cannot really fight easily in broken ground: villages, rocks and woods etc…

  • c)If horses are so OP, why dont you use them?

… Hmmmm… by the way guys, I would be very glad to kill a God with my pair of stone daggers… Gods are too OP, they need a balance, let us make stonedaggers great again…

People need to stop bringing spoons to a knifefight.

Maybe the staff thought its because its harder to avoid attacks
or defend it up there… then they “balanced” with that,

but i agree with you, should have stamina usage on attacks on horse,
also i agree with rising the total stamina of the horses

it will not “become an bike” lol,
you have any idea of how much an horse can run?
he almost cant run an square of the map, thats just fail…

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With all these obelisks, I use horses mainly to fight.

Bikes would consume more stamina than horses jaja

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