Remove Stamina from horses


Simple: Remove stamina from horses in the next update. A horse that has a breath less than a human is very strange and uncomfortable, besides the annoyance of being ejected

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Ehm what? You serious? So horses should be able to sprint forever?


There is a logical reason why other games have no stamina in horses. Just to start, I could already say: Imagine Agro with stamina … did you imagine?

its not the stamina I have a issue with but the encumbrance.

I normally run full encumbrance so im always 4000% over.

Why the hell can I run faster on foot while being over-encumbered than on a horse that should be able to carry just about anything?


Do you imagine stamina right now is a pretty big issue for the PVP part of the game?

Horse regenerating stamina while swimming, you dont lose stamina while hitting from horseback, you lose way to little stamina if getting hit from a player without horse wich makes it almost impossible for a non horse player to knock you off.

Just because other games have it dosent mean this game needs it. It will break it for a lot of players, even more than it broke the balance in PVP right now.

So no I dont imagine or find any logic in anything you saying, sorry. Only thing I can see is horses are unbalanced in the way they work right now compared to other parts of the PVP.

And one more question, why you as a PVE player want the game to be as easy as possible for you? I mean, with no stamina on horse u can run away from any creatures in the game. Tbh you can already do it now aswell. If I played PVE atleast I wanted some kind of challenge in the PVE world.

And a notis, as far I know there is plenty of games that have limited of stamina on horses. Just not a bar that help you controll it.

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the game already has a character that can’t take a few minutes without eating and drinking and even with a horse that tires faster than walking, I don’t even cross paths with enemies because of that. Walking with the horse could be a faster and more fun way to walk in an OPEN WORLD, with several hills and dunes that would be nice to make beautiful jumps with a horse, but it’s not very possible because you can be ejected, cutting 50% fun to have a horse in the open world where horses need to be fast to cross the map. The witcher is another good example. Don’t be a fanboy, the solutions are to make the game cooler. Even Epona from ocarina of time has more breath with carrots than horses in Conan

I totally agree with the encombrance part. Never made sense to me.

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Only if you don’t know how to distribute your attribute points.

I’m not sure what that’s even supposed to mean. You don’t tire when you’re walking and your horse doesn’t tire unless it’s galloping or under attack. If you mean that your horse has less stamina for galloping than you have for sprinting, then that’s provably false.

It’s Conan Exiles, not Need For Speed. You don’t get style points for air time. That said, the physics of the riding could use some tweaking. What happens way too often is that I’m going to gallop down a slope, and my horse just launches off a gradient that looks visually indistinguishable from the gradient one inch to the right, where it’ll stay on the slope without launching.

The Witcher and the Ocarina of Time happen to be single-player games. We’re talking about a multiplayer game with a PVP mode. Horses are already controversial in PVP because player’s attacks have no stamina cost and spear apply bleed with each hit. Removing horse stamina would completely ruin PVP.

Don’t resort to name-calling to defend your arguments.


I promies, I will never be a fanboy of your suggestions. Thing is, this is also a PVP game. And horses are already broken as it is. And with your suggestions they will ruin the PVP even more.

You’re still way faster on horse than on foot, and stamina is going down slower aswell. So I dont really see your points.

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1.The attributes are already prepared to resist the maximum, it takes a long time to feel hungry and thirsty when I’m standing still, but the game is not about standing still.

  1. Try to have more breath than a horse in a race, then the stamina of the game will make a sense.

  2. Fun of having a horse in an open world.

  3. Being a single player or multiplayer does not justify a HORSE having less stamina / breath than a person.

  4. I’m writing about pve which is practically a coop. And how is pvp going to be ruined without stamina if you can knock anyone off the horse by shooting arrows? I’m writing about the breath of seconds that the horse has, you gallop, seconds pass, it gets tired, so … you have to wait …, seconds later, it got tired again, ah and be careful when trying to jump a small hill , if you don’t pay attention to the stamina you can be ejected without any sense. I am writing simply about the stamina. The horse already has a life bar (normal) that it also takes damage even when it jumps (normal) when you are hit on the horse you fall.
    It’s about the breath, I’m not writing about the battle mechanics that make sense during a battle.

  5. Sorry for the word, but this is how I see it when someone defends something without seeing mistakes.

Sorry for the word, but this is how I see it when someone defends something without seeing mistakes.

You said “can’t take a few minutes without eating and drinking”. Even with just 10 points in survival, I can run around and fight for at least 10 minutes without really needing to drink. And hunger takes even longer. I don’t know what you consider having the attributes “prepared to resist the maximum”, but something doesn’t add up in your story.

Go ahead and race someone riding a horse, especially with a scout saddle. You sprint until your stamina runs out and let the rider gallop until the horse’s stamina runs out. Let me know which one lasted longer and got farther.

Except it doesn’t have less stamina than a person.

Have you tried playing PVP? Barring that, have you at least watched videos of PVP fights against horse? Failing that, have you read the discussions about mounted PVP combat on these forums? Because either of those three things would have made you aware that you can’t “knock anyone off the horse” as easily as you dismiss this issue. The balance is already tilted towards riders, they don’t need things to be even easier.

But what really boggles my mind is that you’re saying “remove stamina for horses” and you defend that idea by saying “you can knock anyone off the horse by shooting arrows”. Just how do you think that knocking people off a horse works? :man_facepalming:

You don’t fall off the horse when you get hit. When the horse gets hit while you’re riding it, the hit affects both its health and stamina. You fall off when the stamina is depleted. If you remove stamina, how exactly does the game decide when to knock a player out of the saddle?

So, at the very least, if you want to be serious about your suggestion, you would have to explain how the unhorsing mechanics should work without it. But even then, your suggestion would be bad for PVP, because it would allow a player to get on a horse and run away without ever having to slow down or stop, without anyone being able to catch them.


That’s weird, most, if not all, games I know where you can ride a horse have stamina bars as well when riding said horse.

I see the mistakes in the game, and you who wants to remove stamina for horses, clearly dont see them.

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Honestly wish we could add to stam meter… or get rid of rng + rng + rng + rng on them…

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When you get hit after your stamina is depleted actually but yeah. I fully agree with all you points here. Horses actually need a nerf instead of the crazy buff that is being suggested here

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Not just nerf. They need to get balanced and compared to ground. Right now, horses are so over powered in almost any ways.

Problems with the horses is

  1. Bleed all hits, and 1.5x damage ; solution remove bleed or last attack effect overall (litteraly is 4th hit glitch but with higher dmg and speed) and make it x1 damage like on foot.

  2. Knockdown that last forever. Solution; make it normal

  3. You dont lose stamina while hitting from horse. Solution; Make it so u lose stamina lol.

  4. Regenerating stamina while swimming, and also can hit from horseback without losing stamina while swimming. Solution; Remove that s h i t

  5. While getting hit on horse the horse lose way to little stamina, to hard to knock you off the horse. Also u are able to get up on your horse way to fast after getting knocked from it. Solution; Change 1 of those 2.

  6. Horses HP is way to high. It should not be a tank with a machine gun, it should be a way to be able to hunt your enemies down. Solution; nerf hp.

  7. Hitbox from horse is to big. You kinda dont need to aim right on your target to hit it. That need to be looked into aswell.

The only thing I can see that is good with horses right now is actually the speed. The speed is good, not to slow and not to fast. Im really confused FC let this be for such a long time.

Funcom doesn’t play PvP like we do :smiley:

Ofc, but dosen’t mean they’re stupid

no stamina is good thing