This game is unplayable

Im playing this game since 2 years , and I remember the old times when you really needed to show your skills in PvP and you were able to manage 3/4 enemies alone .
I could understand the new roll ( that honestly I like), I could understand the new movements , the belance of weapons ( some really nerfed), but this horses really made this game unplayable.
Everyone is running around with horses and thrall , and when you dress light you literally almost onetap by horseman.
Don’t say me : “ use horses too” , or “ it’s easy to counter horses “. Why have i to be forced to use horse?
Its completely NOT easy to counter or fight horseman when you are on the ground .
You cannot survive against 3 horses and it’s already fu**ing hard to kill in 1vs1 , mostly if enemy is good with it.
Horses need to be absolutely belanced , they shouldn’t do this ridicolous damage .
This game is PVP , it means that you need skills and not spam stupid ■■■■■ like horses and thralls!
I hope really that FUNCOM belance this s”it , cause , how is evident , a lot of people is preferring to play in private where admins forbid horses .
I hope you listen players , the PvP players and not only the pve players or the noobs that now can kill someone using stupid horses .


You don’t like the game’s current state. That’s not the same as unplayable. Clearly you’re playing the game if you’re getting trashed by horsemen.

I also don’t think you should be able to survive against three horsemen if you’re alone and on foot.

You need different weapons and defenses against different opponents. Dodging won’t work against a giant snake, whereas blocking does. Dodging is better against some other enemies. Some are better killed with a spear, others with daggers, yet others with an axe. Horses are no different in this regard. You need the right tools for the right job.


Well, most PvP games are “meta-based”. Long time it was light-armor with spears, guess you also used that?

Well, horses also need some skill… Otherwise people like you wouldnt complain, but also use horses :smiley: :smiley:

You just dont like the current meta, which are horses with spears. Which I can understand… But dont expect to much changes regarding combat, before the DLC map arrives.


I agree with Kapoteeni here, you wouldnt survive easily against 3 horsemen while on foot in most situations, so it kind of makes sense. It’s kind of like me getting upset that can’t kill a world boss easily with stone weapons. 1v1 you can still beat a mounted horse opponent, the horse does give them advantages though which makes sense now? I think by balance OP actually meant “please make horses useless to the point no one uses them anymore”


“I’m used to playing Rock, so I have no problem with the balance of Scissors, but Paper is clearly OP and needs to be nerfed.”


How many arguments do you actually win by calling the other party “noobs”? I mean, I’m not convinced that we need yet another thread about how horses are OP - there’s plenty of selection for threads discussing the topic already - but I’m even less convinced that dismissing people who may have a different opinion with ad hominem arguments is the right way to get your message through.


And I say this game is RP because I play RP. Your argument is invalid, period!

Let me think about what the all time popular PVPer slogan was… uhm… ah!
“Adapt or [insert a comon PVP slang nasty word]”

Maybe the horses are OP, maybe you have to adapt. I’m sure you can adapt. Did you consider to use a bow for crippling the horses? you don’t even need the best bow! The horses get a special debuff if you cripple them with a bow.


Interesting you assume people to be PvE noobs, I for one pretty much exclusively play PvP and I manage to deal with people on horses, if I am outnumbered then maybe not, but I have beaten a few people 1 v 1 who are on horses while I’m on foot, but somehow I am the noob and not you who seems to believe being on a horse makes you invincible :smiley:. Now sure they could use some tweeking, but I would say they are far from broken, it is supposed to give people some advantages over being on foot otherwise what would be the point of using them at all. They also give disadvantages, namely a wide turning angle, a way to deal with horses is to make them be forced to try make quick turns, you on foot can make much tighter turning movements than they can. It takes some practice for sure and isnt easy. Once again however if dealing with a person on a horse was easy then what would the point of horses be? It’s like me saying if I am by myself and you have a strong thrall following you it’s unfair I can’t easily beat your thrall and you. Btw I also hardly use horses myself especially not for combat, I prefer being on foot yet still I dont see them as broken like you describe, some tweaking would be a good thing but it seems what you are calling for is to make horses an waste of time for any one to use and essentially give no advantage. Spend time finding a horse crafting the stable, taming it, leveling it then getting the mats for the saddle all for it to be a push over for any bob running around on foot??? sounds balanced lol


Sounds like you’ve found a solution to your own problem.


Stop pretenting the op is wrong, because he is not. Horses are op and a lot of people have said it in the last couple of weeks and explained why and why this inbalance is hurting pvp a lot.

Its not about adopting a certain playstyle, its about balancing the horses to make pvp worth playing again, not more and not less.

I never had problems finding a group for some pvp action before the horse update, I have been part of small groups, large groups, very large groups and even played solo/duo. And I/we were always fine. I had 20 to 25 people on my steamliste that played conan on a regular basis. A lot of them I met on pvp or pvp hardcore european servers. Now most of them don´t want to play anymore, because they don´t like the broken horse meta. And I can say for sure that they aren´t “noobs” but experienced pvp players that played conan not for the building aspect. For me this is clearly something I am concerned about. Because I am at a point were the only option for me seems to be to play pve with my hubby or play not at all. Because I am not willing to spend hundreds of hours on a pvp server were I am forced to abuse a broken mechanic to its max limits just to compete with others.

For me this would feel like cheating and it kinda is. Because everyone knows the horse is a meta and that means its in some way overpowered and gives you an advantage over others which leads to massiv abuse and people that leave conan and never come back. Adapting for me is no solution. Its just hidding the problems under the carpet until the dirt stacks too high.

Abuse for me is abuse. There is no good abuse just because a meta seems to be acepted as something normal in this game while something else, like say undermeshing is not. And you can´t tell people, please don´t cheat and/or abuse stuff in the game, its not good, it hurts the game but abusing the meta is fine. No problems with that.

This mentality is hypocritical.


Have you seen the description of a horse? Horseman/women are not some yeoman bowman,

Knights beats most solo footman

ID: Horse_Knight, Horse_Knight_v2, Horse_Knight_v3, Horse_Knight_v4


Horse is too strong and needs a proper counter to playing on foot. Make it so you can couch lances on foot to knock down charging cavalry.

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So what Rivus has said is a good point I agree with, The horses don’t need to be nerfed into the ground otherwise they will become a uselss feature, the fact that they are strong enough to encourage people to use them is a good thing, what is needed is more in the way of counterplay to horses, maybe new weapon type designed to be anti horse or something of this nature, maybe even just making certain weapons like pikes more effective for fighting them. This is a much better route to take to balance than nerfing it into being unusable. No point in wasting time to get and use the mounted combat if it offers little to no advantage over not having one. Rather than making something obsolete as a form of balance, instead buff/ introduce things to present viable counters. A longer more pike like spear that has a brace stance whereby a horse cant charge into you without taking serious damage or giving two handed swords a special debuff for dismounting players if you swing at a horses legs, thats more the kind of suggestion we need, not “make horse bad because horse too good”

I’m all for balancing them but not by means of turning them into the appendix of conan, something just there but makes little difference whether it’s there or not. Thats just my 2 cents.


So you didn’t dodge roll when that was meta?


Nobody is saying to make horses useless as I already said .
I want them to be belanced because their damage is really ridicolous !
You have to be able to kill an horseman also on the ground , and arrows are not a kinda solution !
They can hit you 2 times and you die, and you do them literally almost 0 damage with spear and axe.
I repeat, stop to give a sense to this broken horses at actual state , because they are completely unbalanced and broken!

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I think you and your colleague alibaba as well have a much bigger problem, then are unable to beat someone at a horse.
Before you work on your combat skills you should work on your social skills.


I dont play PvP, but I use horses in PvE, something I noticed is how archers can deplete my stamina pretty fast if I dont take them down. If I leave them behind while I engage meleers I can end up being dismounted. Maybe thrown weapons could also have the same effect.

Yes they could do oneshot arrows. So?

It’s clear, you don’t like the horses. Okay? There are a lot of people who do like the horses. It’s a game mechanic you have to learn to deal with cause they’re here and it makes sense that getting trampled underfoot kills you. Whether it’s “meta” or any other gamer lingo is irrelevant; it’s a fair mechanic because all can use it equally and all must play by the same rule. You don’t like it. That’s just an opinion and doesn’t make the game “unplayable”.

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Translation: you got rekt because you can’t figure them out and you’re angry other people are using more tools to their advantage because you don’t fully understand them.

Have you tried getting good?


I think this discussion is funny when you remember how dominant cavalry over many hundred years was.
“I can’t win vs 3 opponents on horse” is natural selection.