Counter to horses suggestion

Hello i would like to present my suggestions for fixing the op horse problems in Conan Exiles so it improves the PvP of the game, because right now pvp is bad and I am not happy with it!!! suggestion: Add some kind of traps that can trap or cripple horses, like for example if there was like horseman riding at high speed and there would be some trap that he would go over, he would instantly dismount from horse and horse would be stuck for some 20-30 seconds before being able to be mountable.

2.nd suggestion: nerf that defensive saddle that doesnt allow u to fall off horse like its just op how u can have it on and never be knocked out of the horse, REMOVE

3.rd suggestion: maybe make it so that spears are good horse counters in a way that if u hold ur spear in front u can like mess up horse really bad and horseman loses control of the horse since horse has like spear jammed into its body and is dying pretty fast.

These are my suggestions for fixing pvp and op horses, i might edit this just in case i have more ideas pop up on how to fix pvp.

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