There needs to be a fix to horse fighting, any current counters you guys use?

Game mode: [Online official PVP
Problem: Horse fighting PVP meta
Region: North America

So currently the pvp meta is using horses. Horse fighting requires no skill and makes pvp a numbers game rather than of skill. There is no way you should get 2 bleed, poison and lose half of your health in 1 hit and get knocked down the hit again before you can get up. The horses need to be nerfed, they need to take away bleed to at least make it viable to play the game on pvp. Also you get knocked down for way too long and should make the characters get up faster.

Is there a fix for this coming soon or are we going to wait to see how many more console players delete the game?

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Bleed comes from the weapons you use, not the horse itself. Whenever you attack, it attacks with the effects of the last hit of a combo of whatever weapon you are using. Counters would be arrows, landclaim, and palisades. Horses aren’t inherently too strong. Also, this game is already about numbers over skill, has been ever since the roll dodge change.

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Horses also need run room, so build where they cant go, or get a horse and joust them down too. Infantry don’t tend to fare well against cavalry in open ground.


Honestly the best advice I can give you is palisades, If you place them fast enough you can basically trap them and the horse inside them.


I’m always a bit sceptical when it comes to claims such as this. I tried steering a horse at some point and it wasn’t really intuitive. I’m almost certain that at least some skill is involved in steering the horse, timing your attack and aiming it so that it actually connects simultaneously.

If I had to guess, at least part of the problem is that horses are a relatively new thing, people haven’t got used to fighting against mounted opponents and haven’t discovered all of the tricks to defeat them. People who have taken to mounted combat know exactly how a fighter on foot fights, so they’re not up gainst anything new to them. That’s what gives them the advantage.

One idea that comes to mind is that maybe you should try mounted combat yourself, both against mounted opponents as well as people on foot. That way you can better gauge the weaknesses of a mounted combatant when you experience it yourself, and consequently expoit those weaknesses when facing a mounted opponent in the future.


I have a horse seems to like trees and other non moving objects. Can not run by one only into. Lol


Watch from 15:11 and you will see that Funcom does not want skilled players to be able to destroy the fun of other players.

But: avoid fighting horses in the open. Use a bow.


What I don’t understand is I’ve used bows against players on horses it seems if you aim for the player it would most likely hit the horse, also it isn’t really that fun if to get away spam buildings down to get away… but also a player on a horse doesn’t lose stamina when attacking would be better if the stamina was increased from each swing so they couldn’t just spam attacks to where the could 1 or 2 hit players.

I don’t pvp but this sounds like: Apache Helicopters are op, they kill everything and i can’t do anything with my ak, please nerf.

Would be nice to have to spend some atribute points in order to have the required perk to mount a horse though…

pikes should get the equating bonus from the momentum of the horse, if not a special pike attack or stance that just spears the horse entirely

A horse cant just charge into a pike realistically.

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Is it fair for people to run around in horses and take on 5-6 people at once and have a high survival rate over people not on a horse?

Cavalry do ride down infantry like grass.

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My sweet palomino Gracie could mow down a full pedestrian mall if she got to full speed. You don’t mess around with that much mass and velocity.

There was a fellow in a nearby town who rode his horse to a diner every morning. One day, a stinging insect got under the gelding’s bridle and he went coo coo for cocoa puffs, tearing the hitching hoop off the wall. Within minutes he had shoulder-nudged every parking meter in the block over onto the sidewalk.


I would rather ask if it is fair if you can place palisades or other placables in front of a charging horse lol


My horse skills are lacking too. Definitely a challenge for me to go through a small opening without hitting something. And trying not to accidentally charge the wrong way. Doesn’t help me switching between horses in red dead and horses in Conan.

I can’t imagine being able to fight people on top of all this.

I’m still just using base horse and saddle. Assuming control becomes a little easier with epic horses and saddles!

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There is more to infantry vs cavalry in ancient warfare, a lot more, despite those being very true points about mass of the horse.

Best time to hit a player on a horse if your using a bow is to wait for the horse to run out of stamina then hit him, the rider will be thrown from the horse then go in quickly and finish him before he can get back on the horse

A light hit with the hammer resolve every problem with horses ! Also try to jump up on some land claim or rocks !
Also :
Use a bow
Use a 2 H sword
Use a Pike
the timing for your hits are important:)

I actually really like this idea, Maybe a specific action that you can hold while using some of the pikes that makes you unable to move but your character braces themselves and holds their pike out, the effect can negate the knockdown effect of being hit by a mounted player and instead reflect the momentum damage back at the mounted player if they collide with the pike of the unmounted player in this stance.

This would be a nice trade off, you would have to be immobile to sit in this stance which would make you vulnerable to other on foot players but would give you some kind of defensive counter against mounted players. Maybe it’s worth posting that in the suggestions section.

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A long pole sharpened on one end held down with your foot
Ground absorbs most of the impact similar to what the nords did in the movie 13th warrior.