Mounts are new meta

Mounts need to be toned down with damage output or there needs be a reasonable counter for them while on foot. Already mounts are going super fast plus they can one hit anyone despite victim having top gear. There is definitely some balancing that needs to be done. If a mounted player and an on foot player go up against eachother and both have decent skill. The mounted player will always win…that’s a meta. I liked spears how they originally were but they nerfed those for no reason, so if they still care about balancing then this absolutely needs more attention. Thanks.

For now, as a workaround, carry wooden fence, or couple of bomb and go kamikaze.
Also trowing axes do cripple, so you can trow people off the horses.

Actualy op

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Fortnite in conan MonkaS

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i have the same strat in mordhau xD

They can only be meta if players are doing this…


Its not that simple to get out of the way of a charging horse. With the new dodge system coupled with good old fashioned Conan lag you are at a serious disadvantage if your opponent is mounted. Its completely changed combat in Conan for the worst. Really, nobody gets off their horse. Maybe its just me but i liked the old combat.

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Well historically, mounted people always had a huge advantage. Perhaps they need to add Pike’s in the game and allow a heavy attack to set it vs a charge.


Right. I feel that would be sufficient, maybe if you hold a lance while on foot you can use it to stick in the ground to harm the charger on the horse. But maybe you have to time it well or something

HAve you tried blunted arrows? I know they affect player stamina, but have not tested for the purple horse stamina. If they worked on them, then one could knock a player off the horse from a distance as it charged. But the only way i see horses being OP’d is if i am in an open area, where it can build up the momentum to 1 shot me.

Spiked fence could be useful. Although they are pita to place at times.

Mounts should be OP against players on foot, and there’s a wonderfully cancerous counter to mounts too. It’s called land claim foundation spam that equates to road blocks. I wish I could take my horses out to run people over without getting stuck in miles of land claim foundation spam. Trample a few farmers and they start spamming sandstone


I agree about land claims. They are the worst and the reason i dont even ride a horse. But in response to your first point, no they should not be OP to someone on foot. Players should not be forced to have to have a mount to be able to defend yourself. Thats the whole reason Funcom is always rebalancing weapons…and then they do this. Instantaneously if something is considered Over Powered, it needs to be rebalanced.

They should increase purge numbers and power on how many foundations is owned. Make it not linear, but sloped so it shoots up very hard once past a reasonable amount.

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They need a land claim flag system or building piece limit similar to ark. They also need damage repair timers too to prevent easy repair of land claim spam (or cancerous bunker bases) but that’s a whole other topic

Horses should probably stay the way they are but having a heavy pike as another person suggested should be one of many counters.

Bows and terrain are a hard counter to mounts. You shoot the mount a few times and the player falls off. You climb up on something or stand in a tight space and they can’t run you over. It’s really not that hard to counter.

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Sorry, I know I should keep my mouth shut, but are we already asking for a nerf? :man_facepalming:



Agreed 100%. Standing targets will always be obliterated. So move, roll, use throwing axes. It sucks to be killed over and over, but learn and adapt.

This thread is complaining that mounts are OP and another thread is complaining that mounts are useless. It is truly hysterical.

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