Horse change for pvp

Horses should be killable regardless of whether or not it’s pvp hours. Outside of pvp hours horses are incredibly OP because you can’t kill the horse and they can just keep hopping back on. It’s the only thrall in the game you can still use against other players in non pvp hours. They are totally broken

Totally agree, way to much dmg overall aswell. Use lance and you will one hit people with heavy gear like it is nothing. Same with using spear, it should not give instant bleed. I dont understand why they want spear to be good on horse but not on foot.

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Yea. I started using spikes to kill people on horses outside of pvp time. Plop down in front and they’ll get knocked off and their horse will take damage regardless

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Instead of asking to nerf something that is good why not asking to buff thing that aren’t as good. I am tired of seeing good things go. And that’s why 90% of the people I knew on this game left

As long as I’ve been playing this game i seen nerfs been a thing. Dont even know if funcom know how to balanace pvp with buffing weaps instead of nerfing.

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This isn’t a question of balance. This is a broken mechanic. Horses are the only thralls that can be used as an advantage against other players during non-pvp hours, and they’re unkillable without killing the player first. Either they shouldn’t be able to be used during this time or they should be killable 24/7

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That’s what I said @Chump. This is why you don’t need to nerf the horse but instead you ad something to deal with it. If you don’t agree well at least let’s agree to disagree and end this conversation.

Well the problem with nerfing in this game isn’t THAT it gets nerfed but HOW it gets nerfed. If funcom would manage to really balance weapons, mechanics and so on there wouldn’t be a problem.
But they see something is strong or op and instead of finding a way to adjust it and let it still be viable it gets killed of completely so you can basically put it in the thrash.

Small examples:

  1. Havoc and malice or whirlwind blades = have been super strong and now they are useless af. Why would you spend a fragment to craft them if you can legit use any other pair of daggers and get the same effects?

  2. Annihilator/worldbreaker: there was a time when people went to warmaker dungeon just to get those especially the annihilator. Now people even skipping the boss because it’s useless :woman_shrugging:

Bigger example:
Dodgeroll nerf. Yeah the roll needed a change everyone agrees on that! But after a change we had a huge swing from light armor pvp meta to only heavy armor pvp meta. There is absolutely NO use of light gear for pvping. Nobody who knows what he is doing is using light gear anymore(this doesn’t count for farming I’m just talking about pvp) so yeah you gave the heavy armor some love so everyone can use it which is fine but instead of finding a way to make every kind of armor viable the meta just switched. Wow, bravo.

So imo, nerfing is totally fine same goes for buffing but for the love of god think the stuff through first. Maybe bring some new weapons ect. to counter good stuff instead of killing it forever. I know this takes much more time but other developers can take the time to balance and fix stuff too so it should also be possible here.


That’s not what you said, but yea I can agree to disagree regardless

More for PvPers, same old, same ole.

Maybe they balanced them so they can be used in both PvP and PvE

Not sure why players don’t use smoke arrows against mounted players to either gets close and throw poisonous globes at them or to just get away

Cuz it doesn’t work lol. Rode around on a horse during non pvp hours for the first time yesterday and got like 7-8 free kills. There’s nothing you can do except climb and hope they don’t call their friends

More for PVPers what do you mean with that?

In all DLC’s that’s released PVE and RP players get more items to craft, more buildable items and so on, and PVP gets a nerf or something that also a PVE player gets.

Just look now how much they focus on the AI, I can say that me as a PVP player want to screw fightable thralls totally because they are way to strong and have never been working properly.

So please tell me what they do for PVP in this game, just go and look on a PVP server how much PVP it actually is now days, it’s almost none if u compare it too before mounts got released.

it means FUncom tries to balance everything for everybody.
It seems ONLY the PvPers insist on more tweeks for them.

Thats what I mean

If I made a suggestion, it would be to get rid of suggestions.

DLCs have nothing to do with altering game mechanics.

Because PvP needs the changes. PvE is completely braindead, you could beat the entire game with just a dalinsia in high grade heavy and a star meta 2h. Of course it will only be the PvPers asking for balance changes when even a paralyzed rat could beat the PvE side of things.


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