The end of PvP?

Agreed here too also people should give a lot of time to them right now as in the stream the did say a lot of reworking was going on like economics and much more. I would play pvp or a sever but time with covid and many other things so only single for me but I will be patient with them as a lots is coming before mid next year a lot of people I know want this game but I told them not to buy because lots of them have limited internet and all the updates coming and size they can’t afford but I’ve shown them lots and the are eager but they have to wait to make it easier in terms of gb downloading but lots is to come for they game and us just got to hold are horses :smiling_imp:

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in fact several of us have already given devs possible solutions.
Currently I believe that a Nerf of the reaction speed of the pets, changing the knockdown effect for a cripple of the attack of the tigers, decreasing their damage output and decreasing their movement speed would help a lot.
As for mounted combat, adding a speed debuff to the horse when hit on the leg or even including a charged spear attack capable of knocking the player off the horse would allow some counterplay.
Besides, I don’t know if the funcom didn’t notice, while they nerfed the overall healing, it is still possible to use ambrosia and the healing waterskin while mounted.
I think it should be possible to heal while riding, but as long as you did that, you wouldn’t be able to run with the horse.(emulating the person’s care not to spill the potion’s contents).
Other possibilities would be:
The 2h sword attack does more damage to the horse’s endurance. *
The shot loaded from the bow will bring down the knight.

  • 2h sword, zweihander was almost a mixture of sword and spear because of its length and style of use.
    Some reports cite it as an anti-cavalry weapon.
    So here are the resume of ideas:

-Nerf the reaction speed of pets (mainly tigers)
-Replace the tiger’s knockdown for a milder effect (maybe the cripple)
-Decrease the movement speed of tigers
-Decrease Pet’s damage output
-Add a speed debuff when the horse is hit in the legs. (horse cripple)
-Add a charged attack with the spear capable of knocking down the horse’s opponent or inflicting considerable damage to the horse’s endurance (stamina)
-Some attacks with the 2h sword may cause more damage to the horse’s endurance.
-The fully charged attack from the bow could knock down the opponent from the horse.
-Allowing the use of healing potions while mounted, but preventing running with it during the period (animation could take longer)
-Allows you to cancel the bandage animation (obviously canceling it’s healing) to avoid being hit.
-Maybe reduce the healing amount from potions but not cause such a severe cripple.
-one hit knockdowns by lances only happening when hitting specific body parts like the head or the middle of the chest.

These are just some of the ideas that I just had here.
Certainly there are several other players with good ideas and possibly even better than mine.

Another week and yet another “you ruined PvP” thread.

Sorry but I am not buying it. PvP and the game overall just keeps getting better and better.


I propose you a challenge. I teach my girlfriend who is not a gamer and has never played conan for 20 minutes, I give her a horse and a level max tiger and the same items for you and her. I’m sure that at least 50% of the time she will beat you.
I film everything and post on youtube.
If you think this kind of pvp balance is ok, i’m done here.
It’s like talking to a wall.


Yes and no it’s not the horse that’s the problem or the tiger but more of knowledge for instance if you are smart ( and I’m not saying your not Incase that comes out wrong) the area you use or most run around try to place some mines and if possible a few hidden archers that way if they come it could end badly for them if there overconfident as I like to set my self up for a fight but horses hit mine good buy bullseye but if you do it in grass areas or where foliage is denser and try not to step in them you’re self lol :joy: but it could kill or damage they and if the enemy players take losses that anger them they will hesitate to engage you and with the archers you have in case it’s not enough will finish the job or allow you to get away

However no guarantees as each person, base,play styles,perks, etc are different and I cannot be perfect but learn who you are fighting and they will think much more before picking a fight with you :metal:

I don’t know about PVP, but these sound like reasonable suggestions - for PVP. The problem that seems to be being forgotten is that Conan Exiles is a game with multiple game modes.

These may help PVP (as I said, I don’t know), but they also hurt PVE - pets already got absolutely hammered when followers got nerfed, HP and damage output already took a battering. As it is, in PVE, pets are not really worth the time and effort - they’re too fragile for various situations, where a thrall can wear armour and have a far better survival chance. As a result, pets become just that (pets that stay in the base and never do anything) or don’t get collected - which, in effect, removes an entire element of the game.

The point is - changes may need to be made for PVP (as I keep saying, I don’t know), but it’s not as simple as ‘just change/nerf/remove x’ because it has to take account of all game modes, and Funcom need to find ways to balance the game across the board, not just make changes that suit only a single game mode.


You probably don’t play on official pvp servers.
on ALL official pvp servers the strategy is the same (Horse + tiger + throw + spear).
You can only build if you are inside your landclaim (this includes placing traps, palisades, blocks and etc).
Tigers are not effected much by any of this.
Archers have a hard time hitting a moving target like the mounted knight, otherwise you can only place archers on the ground if you are in your landclaim.
And after you are killed by the Horse + Tiger combo, the enemy will focus on the archers and kill them one by one.
And let’s face it, it’s much easier to get pets than to get good thralls and equip them with high-end items.
You mentioned a lot of theoretical strategy that in practice does not work.
Grass and other types of foliage do not appear if you leave the game in low quality (which every PvPlayer does) to gain more performance in the fight
It looks like you’re one of funcom’s game designers. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


i remember when everyone was crying to get horse in this game…


The pets damage multiplier was not changed with the nerf patch that changed from the minions.
The base multiplier for pets is 1.00, while T4 thralls range from 1.xx to 2.xx. (was 2.xx~4.xx before)
I understand your placement, but think this:
In PvE you can use daggers, axes, maces, spears, any weapon. PvE already have a plenty of possibilities. You can even finish a dungeon solo while naked with only a weapon.
Pets are much easier to farm than good thralls and get ready faster, they don’t need investment in equipment to be useful.
My clan managed to make 200 tigers in 3 days and i know it’s possible to make more than this.
around 20~30% of them were alpha tigers.
For a combatant thalls to be strong in the end game, you need to invest a good set of items in it that can be lost and become assets for the enemy clan, a pet level 20 will have something like 350 ~ 600 armor, 8k + HP if he is alpha and hits like a train, moreover it causes effects like knockdown, bleeding, sunder and etc.
Besides, pets like the tiger can run as fast as the horse, making it impossible to escape them on foot and difficult to escape even on horseback.

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This is the tiger’s growth rate…
while his damage grows by 0.1 (which means 10% per strenght point)

Some of the best T4 human thralls has a growth rate of 0.005 damage / strenght point. (which means 0,5% bonus damage / strenght or accuracy point)

so, a heir of the north thrall (like Liam) with a telith’s sorrow (67 damage) and 50 strenght will end up with 167 damage.
while a tiger with 30 strenght, hitting with his charge attack (67 base damage too) will end up with 201 damage while knockdown his enemy, applying bleeding and running as fast as a horse, without needing to invest any equipment to him.
This thrall would need to have 100 strength to do the same damage as the tiger.
do you get it?

Of course you can equip Thralls with maces or hammers to low the enemy’s armor, but in PvE almost every mob has less than 200 armor, except Warmaker who has 500.

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Good to see the comparison on tiger vs eg Lian - I’ve often wondered about exactly where these things balance out.

Try that in single player, lol.

But their damage is not really my issue with them (though I did think their damage mods had gone down as well, but I guess not) - the reduction to their HP made them considerably more vulnerable (anecdotally at least) (I’ve rarely if ever seen a thrall lose meaningful amounts of HP vs the Brute or Executioner (weak bosses), but I’ve seen all my Greater Cats get in trouble in those situations.) If they are too vulnerable, then there becomes no point in using them, except as literal ‘pets’ around your base.

Of course there are other options, that really isn’t the point. That’s actually pretty much the equivalent argument to saying ‘well just get a horse and a tiger of your own then’ - the whole point of this thread is that people don’t want their choices limited. Nerfing pets further would make them irrelevant in game modes other than PVP, reducing game value and enjoyment for players in those modes. For example (and I’m aware this may be a shock to some players) - not everyone wants to play the most efficient ‘beat the game’ way possible, some people play to enjoy different aspects of the game. Some enjoy having a pet with them, rather than a thrall, simply because they prefer that idea - but if greater pets just die in situations where a tier2 thrall would’ve done fine, then that enjoyment is curtailed.

Of course I ‘get it’ - you (and others) are not happy with the current balance in PVP and want that addressed. My point is that balance is not just applied to a single game mode, but affects all of them. What may seem like a simple fix for one game mode can easily have negative impacts for other people who also play the game. I’m not saying that PVP shouldn’t be rebalanced, I’m saying that it shouldn’t be rebalanced at the expense of everyone else’s gameplay. You guys absolutely should keep making suggestions to try to improve PVP, and those of us that play other modes should continue pointing out where those ideas seem likely to negatively impact our gameplay. That way Funcom has as broad a spread of data to work from as possible, it’s the whole point of feedback. Do you get it?


I’m on Xbox so quality can’t be changed per say I cannot do much online due to work/covid and I’m not sure :thinking: about the build land claim that you said last I checked mind you I placed mines away from my base

@Oduda yeah I seem to remember that it was suggested the PVP players were the reason for nerfing so many weapons so sounds like they were listened to.

I gathered 7 sabertooths basically as decoration for my wife now after reading all this may actually ride a horse and drag along a cat. Happy that I read this post.


I understand your point too.
Of course, the game has to balance thinking in all modes.
What I talked about nerf, were some of the ideas I had to help balance this problem.
Obviously, developers can mine more information about these variables and try to balance in a number of ways.
Not to mention that other PvP players may come up with other ideas even more interesting than mine.

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You are aware that Siptah is basically a pvp arena?

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it looks like a Conan Battle Royale. :joy:

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PvP blames the PvE community and PvE blames the PvP community w/e changes one’s not like.

PvP is always the hardest kind of community to keep happy why? For the following reasons:

  • Abusing bugs or exploits to gain an advantage of other players, this is a lot more frequent on pvp.
  • The one that loses is often getting angry and want to see things changed they find unfair.
  • Official servers in PvP feels lawless there is no one really managing how to behave in the server.
  • There a lot more reasons, but the above are the most important.

I remember they overhauled the entire dodge an weapon combo system just to benefit PvP… and I gotta say it is fine in PvE.
I think both community’s share a very important role over the game.

Lan :frowning: don’t you dare leave 6011 haha
But it is a good PvE map too <3


I agree with these points that you raised.
Bug abuse on official PvP servers has always been a big problem and they have been completely lawless for a long time (now things have changed a bit)
And really in PvP people tend to have much bigger losses and consequently get angry by it (and rightly when the mechanics of the game are to blame)
But I would include the bad balance and the constantly changing goal that funcom proposes in this list.
The Game seems to be in an eternal early access


Nope. PvP players just quit faster. I’ve been on pvp server which died after weeks or month, when rp servers stay alive for whole years. But even with that, pvp players are considered to make up the croud of CE players.

Changes on healing where asked for by pvp players like two years ago, as pvp was more of a fight between two stacks of healing items rather than “skill”. Some even want the acts of eating and drinking to be linked up with some animation.

“Meta” - in terms of a current set of different values for different weapons and object to future changes - is … :nauseated_face: anyway. “Just” balance everything so each way of playing results in the same DPS. Issue with that? One is animation canceling. Due to that, there will always be a strongest weapon.

PvP stopped being about skill when people found ways to undermesh, cause lags for the server and else things which are used to gain advantages over anyone who doesnt. Not about skill.

Also I think there were players which were against the differences of light armor and heavy. When it was still like everyone enjoyed light armor due to the dodge roll. But now? The only differenced between armors is looks, attributes and their armor value. If I wanna climb, I strip down right before climbing - otherwise I just wear heavy, as there is no negative impact on anything anymore. (And I loved the long dodge.)

I think Siptah has changed a lot and is a lot more towards pve, as content is being delayed (like 1000 chaos for good crafters but then having hyenas to try and have you get killed by surge) and simply takes more time, is way more hungry when it comes to certain resources. (altarium for delving bench, surges)
So they probably tried to have players play longer on Siptah that way.

Reality is: It’s not greater for pve. As for RP… This island is nuts! It looks totally awesome and not being able to just pop some potion and keep on fighting might actually be more immersive. On the other hand - the way I experienced RP… It’s more about how the players toon behaves and what s/he talks like/about. Lot more about chat than actual fighting or pve.

Anyway. After 6000, almost 7000 hours in the game, I am sure kind of tired of CE. Siptah brought new ideas and a creepy ton of grind (delving…) and I both love the islands places as well as the idea on how to get higher tiered thralls. Seriously, it’s awesome how great these tons of places look like! But I am already getting tired of grinding and farming now.