Why funcom kill PVP in conan?

Having played more than 6000 hours in this wonderful game, I, like many, have to delete it, because the funkom just destroyed the PVP component in this game, endless rolling is some kind of joke. Of course I understand that pve content makes up 90% of all conan, but why why are you doing this?


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It just doesn’t make sense. They should open a few servers with these nonsense settings and updates and revert the rest back to what this game was a few years ago, when it was still interesting to play.


Funcom devs letting through humongous exploits due to lack of testing is the root cause, isn’t it?
I know how programming goes, if you’re doing something a tiny bit more complex than println(“Hello World”); you will run into bugs and have to correct them, and in big projects you will miss some of those things and that’s where some exploits are born from… Still, the amount in Conan that are known and not fixed for a long time is ridiculous IMO, both due to lack of testing prior to releasing a change or new feature, but also due to a terrible pace with bug fixing…

If exploits exist, not all but many players will use them, especially in PvP where there is a form of competitiveness by nature.

Still, I don’t think that abusing the stamina regen with Rolling Thrust can be called an exploit, it is bad design from the devs and the current iteration is what @Tvordov is complaining about, I believe.

Yeah, PvP has always been broken in terms of resource due to exploits, but combat still required some skill and has its nuances… Right now, there is no finesse at all, you roll all day long and sometimes throw your spear attack, but even beyond that chasing has been ruined because running away is too easy, and punishing bad stamina management is impossible because stamina management right now is “I roll and I get my stamina back anyway lololol”

I’m not a PvP player, but I can clearly see that the combat is at its worst due to the recent stamina changes, it is beyond obvious, and it makes the defining point of PvP which is combat between players a terrible experience.


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