Pvp fair now than before?

at begining we had huge roll in pvp than it was nerfed, we had than slower roll and weapon nerf and its got nerfed, we got heal nerfed how mutch u wana change conan that we started play ? is it fair ?
nerf nerf nerf wher is balance ??? u sayd u working on balance in last stream but wher is balance if you just nerfing whole game.

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As I said in previous messages “in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed is king” will nerf to the point that the pvp becomes a paralytics duel, but still there will be people who completely dominate others and they will cry for more “changes” and “balance” …

Overcompensation was balanced for you then?

Currently PvP is based on using a horse + Tiger + spear and lance.
Take your opponent down, your tiger runs to him, gives a charge, he falls again (with about 3 bleeding stacks) and if he didn’t die, you come back and make 1 spear attack.
No need to have skills.
It’s one of the worst meta if not the worst.
I dunno if it’s the buggy Claw (+animation bug) or this one. :rofl:

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