What's happening with Combat on Conan Exiles?

Sup guys!
How it´s going?

I’m opening a discussion about updates.

Since I´d started playing Conan Exiles I´ve saw a lot of changes on combat mode, unfortunally I think every time you guys does the update it becomes much harder to play on 2v1 situation making players stops to play Conan Exiles or just play on PvE servers.

Do you guys think this is the right way the game have to go?

I’m asking this because my clan started with 30 players online and with the updates we´re only with 7, lot of our friends was quitting for other survival games… and now with this healing update more 2 told me they will stopping playing because the changes doesn´t pleased them, this is happening only for me?

I’m sorry for my bad english, it´s not my main language.


What’s happening is people are not actually trying the changes and just echochambering.

Healing appears to be nerfed because of the animations, but in my experience, they’ve been buffed. Yes potions are trickier to use. But the risk versus reward wins out.

To put it simply, the meta changed. People either adapt, or move on.


Agreed. The potions are like a 2 second animation, and give hella regen with no interuption.

Yep. Precisely you get a huge healing buff after only 1.5 seconds in which you should not get hit.

But I have to agree a bit with the OP, those 1.5 seconds are actually a huge timeframe when only milliseconds decide if you live or die. I play on servers where people are really good and their hits connect 99% of the time.

I think as in real life, trying to run into a situation where you are outnumbered SHOULD be dangerous.

Games where one guy can Bruce lee tank 7 or 8 people are ridiculous to me.

So from my standpoint I don’t see a problem with the changes.

Additionally it took a couple days but I have no problem with the healing changes, especially after they rebuffed food. It still needs tweaked a little bit but definitely doesn’t make me want to quit.

Realism again. I don’t wanna “play real life”. If I am good in a game I want to be rewarded. And fighting and killing 3 people solo is a good reward IMO.

From what I tested potions can be interrupted by active dot on your character.
So you need to clear it first or your potion animation wouldn’t just play.
Somewhat ok with poison dot becuase you can get cleansing weapon or set antidote.Both are quick way sto cleanse poison.
But there is a bleed dot that needs in middle of fight use of wraps with long ■■■ animation that you can’t cancel in any way or move around like with pot animation.
Plus weapon like “Annoying shard” 1h axe have incurable dot meaning it will stop any kind of healing after 1 hit.
So feels like most ppl didn’t actually test new healing much.
Personally I love changes idea. New healing system is way better than previous one, but things like wraps animation and “animation poitons dot bug” make it kind of bad.
Promoting people to use things like:
archer thrall with firespark arrow for 1 hit block heal.
JSP daggers for pure trolling of other players.
Horse+spear+axe because both apply bleed after 1 single hit with ton of damage.
So yeah…new system is better…but it still have ton of issues.

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Imho just give wraps animation same duration as aloe pot animation and ability to walk around just like with aloe pot animations.
It will remove most issues.
Yeah bleed gonna be a king of dot. But imho it’s okay if we will be able to somehow move and have some kind of mobility against it.
Tho I’d love to see some of Siptah new weapons somewhat nerfed. Especially incurable bleed one.

Imho too much realism in game is not fun. First thing first comes gameplay and gameplay balance. Game must be fun. I don’t see “Simulator” tag on CE steam page. It’s just another survival game on market and must be fun to play to stay alive.
Adding too much realism leads to lesser numbers of buyers and more closed community.

One hit get {redacted} weapons . Gotta love them right?
Those are easy to get on Siptah with how delving system works. So everyone gonna use them…like why even heal if you just can’t.

It’s just get dot run away or run nude with low tier daggers meta.
Just really throw your body at enemy until they die or try to use wraps animation= death in pvp.

You are right. You get Star Metal easily on the new map, so just PvP naked with Star Metal daggers + poison. Who needs buffs, there are cleansing weapons anyways who remove them. And it’s easier to dodge horses with daggers :slight_smile:

Depends each person, i would say. I completely hated it, the animations are way too slow to what i’m used to. We used to fight 1v1 arenas in closed spaces (3x3 fighting pits), and none of these changes are viable there. Open world pvp always felt boring to me since it gets watered down to running very far, healing, rinse and repeat. So maybe if you run really far its viable? Idk.
And not being able to roll to cancel wrap animation makes zero sense to me. We can cancel attack animations but thats not a thing for wraps…what?

The forum might have a different opinion, since i assume that my way of playing it is not very close to your average official pvp experience.
Expect these changes to be permanent, with only a few tweaks. Like they did with dodge roll and thrall/boss rebalance. You either get used to it or quit

Yeah. Seriously I expect 0 changes.
But hey…there a ton of different products on the market.
I just gonna play something else on my free time.
Simply just a consumers choice. If you don’t like the product. Stop using it.

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Just look at this PvP:

You think you have time to heal there? With horses, animation cancel, poison on every weapon possible, fat roll, archers shooting firespark and explo + gas arrows. I believe @auticus has never experienced that kind of PvP.

I mean…there ton of people that play CE in single player or pve and love new changes :>

Thats the thing, but they are for everyone. Making something that goes horrible for half of the playerbase (not saying that this is the case btw) doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Well, then get better. Seriously. You post at how good you are, then complain about a mechanic if someone can beat you. Can’t be a great fighter if you want rules changed because you lose a few.

I had 8 friends come back to the game because of the healing changes. It’s so easy to run away in this game… The changes make connecting a hit actually matter, and it’s great for PVP.