Healing update/hotfix

Hi Funcom,

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post.

Would like to start by saying thank you for the close to 2k hours of enjoyment in the game thus far and what I’m sure will be many more in the future.

The purpose of my thread is to try and acquire some clarity around the most recent hotfix dated 29/04/2021 or 28/04/2021 depending which timezone you are.

I will set out by stipulating that I understand “something” needed to be done about the healing mechanics in the PvP scene. It seems that we have shifted from a haunch/tea (rapid, constant & cheap) healing meta to a bandage, pot & waterskin (later removed) (slower, animation/non-constant & cheapish) healing meta to the (in my opinion) most balanced to date ambrosia, healing pot meta (slower, animation + constant but time consuming to farm).

We now have a healing meta which is cheap, rapid and could easily be constant. From initial testing, the healing potion animation nor healing buff itself can be dispelled or removed. This means a target with 20 bleed stacks, 10 reaper queen poison stacks can stand and out heal that damage WHILE being hit with a tier 2/3 healing potion respectively.

I personally do not understand the desired gameplay outcome from these changes. I make an effort to visualize what the team at Funcom want this change to look like and how that same team envisage these changes affecting the game but given how absolutely ridiculous these changes are I personally cannot fathom what the intended gameplay experience is supposed to look like.

My hope is that if the healing amount from the potion remains the same that AT WORST it can be interrupted by things like an attack from another player or NPC, stopping the heal at that point.

Thank you again for your time.


Are you sure about this? Here are the patch notes for that change:

Unless I’m mistaken, this means that if you press the button to drink your potion and you’re hit within 0.8 seconds of that, you shouldn’t get the healing buff.

If you can confirm that this is not the case, then that needs to be reported as a bug.

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First I want to say I’m not in disagreement with you, as you do bring up an interesting point. I’m on the fence about this to see how it plays out.

But I will point out that most of the complaints with healing lately is the window in which they can heal themselves is incredibly short and this hotfix was done to alleviate that. Did it go too far? I don’t know, this is one of those things that is stupid hard to test reliably in a test environment. We’ll have to see it play out.

Hi Code,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I’ll wait and see how it plays out in an organic situation but I was unable to interrupt the potion with spear, daggers or axe during testing. If this is the case I will, as you say, report it as a bug.

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These kind of things do appear preference based. With that in mind I personally feel like being able to stand in one place and if I so choose, not die by chugging potion after potion is not great for fluidity.

After garnering some further insights from the patch notes I do feel a lot better about being able to understand the game direction and intended play experience.

I look forward to seeing how other more prominent members of the PvP community feel about the changes.

One thing is for certain, Funcom is listening which is a great feeling.

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I think it still needs to be drinkable while running. Current healing % is good but the slow is bitter

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It may be abused in pvp or even pve - if you can drink and run then no one can kill you, you just take many potions and you are impossible to kill until you run out of them. Imagine full inventory of potions with encumbrance perk…

was pretty much how it once was :slight_smile: except that once hit the healing stopped

I’m still in favor of Monster Hunter World… you can’t run, but you can walk and chug.

I dont understand why it is so hard for you guys to heal… i spent an hour dueling a few friends and told them im not attacking back, and all im going to do is drink and move around.
they couldnt kill me. they couldnt stop my drinking. i used all of my potions. 1hour with 10potions.

It is honestly still way to easy to heal. 3seconds to heal nearly 1/3rd of your life. And i wasnt even RUNNING AWAY. i was still within a 3-5block area.

And you want auto healing? It isnt hard to switch to a throwing knife and hit them in the animation. it inst hard to run away, it isnt hard to learn how to fight. it isnt hard to understand what is effective and how to use it effectively. You all have been playing in easy mode. and they finally turn up the difficulty and you cry about it.

I’m not saying what you said is untrue, but it’s definitely hard to believe. Next time you challenge your friends to a duel like that, maybe you can record it and show the rest of us. I would welcome the opportunity to learn how to use healing potions more effectively.

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And you are most welcome to come duel me any time you like. and learn.

I think he means “Jogging” rather than running. We have 3 different movement speeds in Conan:
Walking, Running/Jogging and Sprinting.

Video proof or never happened. I can talk stuff all day long too.


I think that Funcom wanted healing to migrate towards potions and wraps and away from food. After player feedback from both PvE and PvP scene, regarding this new healing system, was received, potions and wraps have been tweaked accordingly. End of story.
Potions can be interrupted within a time frame. It’s the same for wraps.
You can walk while drinking a potion.
You can’t heal using potions/wraps while an enemy is hitting you. It only works if you distance yourself from the fight.

Your assumptions are wrong from the start. This change was not made to cater to PvP alone.

Also, I don’t think you know what stipulate means.
stipulate - demand or specify (a requirement), typically as part of an agreement.

Your feedback is exactly that, feedback. There’s no contract by which Funcom has to agree and modify the game as you please. Their vision is their own and they are free to make any changes to the game as they see fit as they have stated several times in streams and forum.
I think healing is in a good spot right now and I see no reason to change it further.
The only issue I have right now is that if I get interrupted while drinking potions, potions consumed afterwards are no longer healing. This bug needs to be fixed.

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If you don’t want to fight back, it’s always easier to survive.
This was a complain i had before the horses came. It was too easy to just run away from a fight and survive.
Throwing axe interrupts healing potions for example.
An archer can kill you with 2-4 shots (light/charged).
And horses can catch you, drop you to the ground.

Btw you may feel the change because funcom made a small update changing the healing potion timers. You needed 1.7 seconds for the heal buff begin, now it’s only 0.8. Making it harder to interrupt.

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I want the 1.7 back but enable jogging when drinking (not sprinting, not walking, just jogging like when you are out of stamina).

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i agree with you. ^^

I’ve done some tests and the best way to heal in PvE is to sprint away from the fight for like 2 sec then drink the healing potion. THe healing effect will kick in before you are hit.
For PvP, you can do the same if your enemy has a moderate reaction. If your enemy is really good reacting to your movement, its GG, as it should be.

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If you need proof for something as easy and fast as a aloe potion that heals 200-300HP in 3seconds. Thats sad.

I feel like if this was a problem in PVP. There would be a ton more threads about it. People have been surprisingly quiet about the 2.4.1 changes on healing. Just an observation, as I don’t really have much of an opinion on this yet.

But I will say this, trying to challenge each other to duels won’t prove anything. I could have sworn that trying to balance around 1v1 PVP was proven to be foolish two decades ago. Hellish Quart is a way better game for that sort of thing, or any fighting game like Mortal Kombat and the like.