Aloe Potions need a Buff - 3.0 Test Live

With the new 3.0 test live update we tried some PvP

Now you get with 20 Vitality and 3 of 5 pieces gear with Health+ around 800 HP

But the potions are still the same like patch 2.x they need to be slightly buffed.

one pure aloe heals ~300 HP so we need to drink up to 3 potion to get full life

for pure aloe we suggest to buff them up from 300 to 400 HP for one potion
over all every potion needs a buff to balance between the HP and healing

greetz ~ Owyn | Ballerburg Clan


Healing from food should be non interruptable too. It is so low now, that it basically does not matter.

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I kinda disagree - won’t that drag 1v1s until out of potion? Won’t that be too hard to kill someone if pot would heal 400hp?
Not to mention that drinking potion in 1v1 scenario is very easy - just wait enemy to strike and here’s your window to safely chug pot.

But also think about that you need to carry around an extra few stacks of potions in your inventory, think about the weight and also that they only have stacks of 10, so you need to reequipp them to your hotbar over and over.

Youre forgetting that we also deal more damage ourselves, so it’d balance out imo

Is it tho?
We need to do some testing to tell if it would drag 1v1 for example for too long.

Let’s say both sides have BiS armor (let’s say temp sorcery one), both with meta pvp build (for example 20 str, 15 agi, 5 grit, 20 vit) - How much damage they would deal to each other with best weapon? Right now chugging pot in 1v1 requires just to dodge one attack from opponent - there’s your heal window.

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