The Issue of Healing (Aloe Extracts, Herbal tea, Food)

I have tried out the balancing changes for healing in the testlive patch and it has left me pretty confused on what the devs want for the health of pvp.
What I mean by this is the 2 biggest changes which are:

  1. The changed rates of healing items.

  2. Animations for certain healing items.

There are some problems with these two changes. First of all, food not giving a healing effect similar to dedicated healing consumables is fine however herbal tea and aloe soup still heal more than the infused aloe extract. This has to be changed, the only upside to using the aloe extract over herbal tea + aloe soup combo is that aloe extracts have uninterruptible heals, meaning they can possibly heal through low stacks of bleeds and poisons. The problem with this is that aloe extract should only serve as the best healing as it was intended, otherwise why give it an animation? Poison antidotes should take care of poisons, and bandages for bleeds.
Ah yes, bandages. What were the devs thinking? It’s as if horses arent overpowered at all when on flat ground in the devs’ eyes. Trying to counter a bleed against a horse with the consumable which purpose is to do so is the worst option possible, you are exposed to a 100>0 if you choose to bandage.

Conclusion from my point of view
The aloe extract shouldn’t heal over time, instead it should heal 1/3 of your hp no matter how much max hp you have to make its use distinguishable from other heals (mainly herbal tea + aloe soup). If this is added in some similar form, then potions will be the best heals for being in the thick of the fight, while healing over time consumables will be economic for their low weight and higher healing in total.
Bandages should have the exact same timing and movement penalty as aloe extracts, this is a simple change that doesn’t need much more fine tuning (except speeding up the movement penalty, but I won’t talk about that for now).

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