Aloe Extract stops healing if in combat

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

I’m reasonably certain this isn’t how it used to be. Got involved in a fight w/a World Boss, things are going well enough…and then I notice my health dropping. Fortunately, I had several Aloe Extract potions on my hotbar, so I took one real quick. Sure enough, I was healing…until I had a combat animation, when the healing abruptly stopped and the message popped up “Stopped Bandaging”. I wasn’t using a bandage, I was using a potion. Why on earth would a consumed potion stop working because I’m moving?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get in fight
  2. Take Aloe Extract potion to restore lost health
  3. Re-enter combat (e.g., swing your weapon)
  4. Healing stops & “Stopped Bandaging” message pops up on right side of screen

sure, this makes no sens to me, but i had this to in my game.
Not sure if intended, i don’t think so. I had the mention “stoped bandaging” in game while doing other stuff, not fight related at all. Some time the games triggers events, you’re just stunned, i know. :smile:
Like dropping me a herbal tea in inventory. Still welcome i mean, but strange. :grin:

Also admitting it would be intended, it makes no sens, because we can eat while fighting and get the heal from the food, but we can’t use a potion ? I mean, well eating takes more time than swallowing a potion.

I believe intended and makes sense, if it would not stop while being in combat you would virtually be invincible. You would just carry tons of aloe soup and use it while in combat and heal faster than taking damage, hence it makes sense imo.


when you take a look at the weight, so tons of, no i imagine, or you have a mod changing weight.
And aloe-soops still works this way, so depending what you ingurgite ? That’s what i’m pointing at. It makes no sens that you can use one and not the other.
Not using bandages is one thing, you may say it’s more role-play, you need time to apply the bandages. That’s fine.

But if you accept food to heal, swallowing a potion is similar, or still faster to do. And why a soup works while a potion doesn’t ?

But like i said, for me potions are still working while fighting, bandaging is not, but i have sometimes the “bandaging stoped” flag dropping while running around just, or doing x other stuff not related to fight. So something is just triggering it. What exactly, i would need time, lot, to narrow it down.

While I mention aloe soup as it is in my knowledge the most powerfull healing effect in the game, I was talking about the healing effect in itself, not any specific food/drink/potion. Any healing effect stops when you are engaged in combat(when you take a hit), as it should imo. You can still kite and heal while kiting, but not while you are tanking.

So apart from the message being ‘stopped bandaging’, which is used for any heal effect, it is not a bug, it is called lazyness.

Dude, I don’t recall ever being rude or insulting to you, so why the salt? Not that the rest of your forum posts are shining beacons of positivity…

I can’t believe this is as-intended. If it is, let’s hear a dev/mod say so, and ‘nuff said. Until then, I’m calling this a bug.

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The salt was in no means directed towards you. I was only trying to help explaining it.

And again some salt not towards you, but good luck on getting a reply from a dev/mod. Seriously, ‘players helping players’ is the new name for the forum previously called ‘Support’…

Agreed as that is why i keep roasted haunch on me at all times.

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The strongest healing from my experience is cooked Abysmal meat from the Dregs boss. Easy to farm, uncooked meat lasts forever so you can store up alot of meat and cook them when you need them.

It gives you both burst healing and slow healing after and you can carry a stack of 50 cooked meats.

You can easilly farm the Abysmal Worm with a simple bow and snake arrows, takes about 70 - 100 arrows to take the boss down if you take cover behind the stairs and statues everytime he fires an acid shot. You just have to dance the acid and fire arrows at him and he goes down.

Snake arrows are made from the second perk of the set temple. No need to build the temple, you can craft them right away from the carpenters bench and costs 10 branches for 10 arrows.

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Here’s the funny thing, for everyone who’s saying “just use food”: that’s what I did before I learned how to make the aloe potions. I fought the demon spider using grilled steaks. Every time I got hit, it would say “Bandaging Stopped”, and I just figured that was how the system worked. Then I learned how to make the potions, and I would swear that they continued to heal even if I was in combat. Has that officially changed? Does food now heal through combat while potions don’t?

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for me potions, aloe soup, food still worked also when moving.
But yes, there was update, the dlc, and it was very hot these days, so i didn’t realy fight around the map a lot i must admit.

But i try check that next night when bit fresher, this on SP and on my server. So we will see.

It’s not just moving. Take the potion, then get in a fight. Make a T1 NPC so it’ll be easy & you won’t get hit. You’ll notice the potion stops as soon as you enter combat, irrelevant of whether you get hit.

i know what you mean, just say moving, because easier, shorter, lazy, hot today, XD !

Hi again, for me it has always worked like this, at least in the 800h that I have played the game .
All healing effects when interrupted give the message ‘Stopped bandaging’. When using a bandage it stops when you move as you cannot put on a bandage while moving, seems logical. Any food or potion will stop the healing effect when taking a hit, also seems logical as you would otherwise be able to tank anything. Healing effect from food/potion continues when running/jumping/yielding/attacking/walking/climbing and stops when taking a hit. This is on multiplayer and on official sever.

maybe we should all do some further tests then to see if there also difference between SP, servers, or different servers.

For me, like said, i could use, potion, aloe soup, food, in combat, and yes, i have also over 1000h gameplay since EA. Like many things, there are often confusing differences between players, servers, or game-settings.

Like said, i’ll try check it when i have a moment next night, but it’s not the only test i’m running, believe me.
Still great if lot different people can test stuff i believe. But it’s summer, and less people around and behind they screen, just normal, though. :wink:


I tested it yesterday to see if it was not changed/broken in the last patch; before I wrote my initial comment.

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ok so i think it has not come with the lastest patch but shortly before (like about 1 month ago, i’m not sure).
i clearly remember having this issue while knocking spear users with my truncheon. i had to kite these NPCS for ever to let my healing going on. i think i was using both high quality meat and aloe extract, which i always do when i’m in trouble.
i checked that again 1 hour ago, and it’s still a thing you cannot heal from any kind of healing sources if you’re taking damage but you can still kite the ennemy while healing.

Bandages are on other story and i simply just don’t use them. pretty useless for my playstyle now (+ you need a special recipe for that as opposed to aloe extract).

I know some people and some pvpers are exploiting the healing sytem, and although i don’t like putting all pvpers in the same bag, it’s a FACT: PVE has paid the price of healing nerf because of PVP, and as a PVE player, it’s sad and makes things less enjoyable for MY PERSONNAL TASTE. Healing was better and overall more convenient before.
beware though i’m not blaming all pvpers though, it’s more the fact that PVE and PVP are so narrowly linked / related to each other that i am blaming here.
You can’t change one without changing the other one apparently.


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