[PC] Healing, especially Aloe Soup / Extract

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Platform: PC
Game mode: Official Testlive | Private Testlive | Singleplayer
Version: #95237/17715
Problem: Misc
Crash dump link: (if applicable - fill out the crash report and enter your email to get the link)

Aloe Soup currently heals twice as much as Aloe Extract, the problem here is that Aloe extract weights alot more than aloe soup. Still resulting in alot of heal during combat, especially since you can carry alot more soup than you’d be able to carry extract

This needs to be adjusted to reflect the weight, as you can easily carry over 100 aloe soup without being close to over encumbrance.

Repro steps:

  1. Spawn in Aloe Extract and Aloe Soup
  2. Check their regeneration buffs
  3. Check their weight

A lot of food heals more than aloe extract. I carry food that heals 100 HP, gives 100 food and 20 water.
They recently did a healing rebalance update but it still obviously needs more work. They even made it so that food heals more than bandages now… As it stands, there’s no reason to use actual medical supplies (potions and bandages) as food is superior in every way.

I am in Live and the bandages work far better than the food for now. We shall see tomorrow if the same thing happens.

They’ll be broken and useless tomorrow, as they are in testlive.

Wonderful, just when I get used to using the bandages wham…they get broken, in PC?

Yeah. Now they only heal for 40 and 80 health. The healing stops upon movement.
I can eat food that heals for 100 and keep fighting and traveling.

Bandages will cure cripple and bleed when the healing finishes, but the only time cripple and bleed are an issue is ‘during’ combat, and who stands still during combat? It’s not like you can bandage behind a shield because you have to put your weapons away. I think this change was not well thought out.

Oh I noticed that also on LIVE 94750/17645, but that will change tomorrow, I have to stand still not be in combat mode or bandaging stops…