Aloe Soup Health Buff?

Messing around with different builds I noticed when I changed to one I used previously my hit points were different. Struggling to figure out what had changed I needed to heal and found the aloe soup was giving me about 40 more hp for awhile after consumption to the hp I had before. Which would randomly disappear and come back without needing to eat another. I thought that it was only regenerative, so what’s going on here?

Interesting side effect.

No idea really but possibly small amounts of corruption that “come and go” as it gets cured and/or temperature extremes affecting total hp/stamina. There are a few weapons that add hp’s as well but only when unsheathed.

Sure it isn’t a weapon giving health bonus? when its equipped it will boost your health and when unequipped it drops. I was playing with this the other day, cant remember the weapon name, but it gave me around + 40 HP

Wightblade, boost Vitality for 40hp

Yes, I am positive. Maybe I can take a screen shot later to show the difference.

I mostly use Maelstrom.

With weapon drawn ill be sitting around 565 hp. Drink an aloe soup and get 603.

I use aloe soup regularly, and never noticed it doing that, but I will test it and see.

If you are full when you eat food then your total HP number will increase for a short time. So perhaps this is what is happening with aloe soup as well.


So after testing it at full normal health, my health went up 22 HPs when using the aloe soup. It lasted approximately 2 minutes then dropped back down to normal.


It’s a small buff you receive when you are fully saturated. It happens with every food and I believe depends on how much vitality you have.


Thanks for clearing that up. I wasn’t aware that all food did this.

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