Just a simple, non-aggression based question...I swear

Does anyone know, or perhaps even have heard on some seedy, back alley, grape vine, what’s happening or at least planned with the various food recipes? Or perhaps are any modders working on some such addition? Call me what you will but I enjoy collecting the various recipes and making every food and drink item. I’m still gonna do it, I just wish there was a benefit again.


With the intoduction of the new healing system they said they were going to rethink how food works in the game.One dev said he thought it would be cool if you only had to cook food like twice a day and received a long term effect for it. In other words it would make “sated” last longer and become more powerful, depending on the kind of recipe you’ve made.

Apart from that one remark there has been nothing concrete concerning the food system as far as I know.

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I’ve not seen or heard any mention of how aloe soup goes post patch. Anyone tested yet? You used to get two regen buffs off it.
Hopefully they make at least some of the recipes useful again.

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@Darkzombie ,Aloe soup tested , just food . The herbal tea has the old little thunder anim. like it’s an energy drink but it stops bleeding no healing . It is very useful however to use ambrosia and Yogs stakes , until we adopt to the new healing system . @TheRedKing76 I totally agree .


Where was this? Not saying I don’t believe you, but I’d like to take a gander.

This was either the dev stream right after the Siptah launch or the one after that. I’m not sure. The new healing system was (and still is) a pretty big deal, so these comments are very disseminated. I can try to find the specific moment in the stream, but they are pretty long and I don’t have that much time atm. Anyway, if I remember correctly it was an answer to a question that claimed that food had become more or less useless according to some people and asked if they had any plans for it.

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That makes sense and I think I vaguely remember that.

I have a train journey today, so I have some time to try and find it. If I do I’ll let you know.

Nah you’re good, I have the info I needed. Unless you think others might need it.

There’s a bit a talk about food and drink in the March 12 stream. Not exactly what you said, so perhaps it was another stream. Video links to the time stamp.

I’m gonna use this thread to just get a general idea of what people think.

How would most people feel about the food system being changed in a way that made it harder to find food. But the food’s effects you did find and prepare lasted longer?

I believe the 1.0 basic server setting for food and water is 30 minutes and 20 minutes. So imagine if you killed something and hacked it with a star metal cleaver, you didn’t get a dozen or so meat. Maybe only a few or one. But that one meat if cooked lasted for an hour of hunger, or if prepared in a meal lasted 2 hours? And better meal maybe 4 hours? Other effects aren’t off the table, just talking basics for now.

The idea is to increase the survival aspect of the game. Without making it obnoxious where you need to eat every couple of minutes. I wonder what the general opinion of that is.

I don’t like that idea in the current context. Let me try to explain.

I rely on the sated buff for cheap, low-grade healing between fights. Yes, I know we have potions and bandages, but I use potions during a fight and bandages when I’m in between fights that are close together (e.g. during a dungeon crawl) and occasionally just after a fight.

In all other situations, I tend to use the sated buff to keep my health up. Making the food much scarcer would effectively remove the usefulness of the sated buff. It doesn’t matter if the duration of the sated buff is increased to match the scarcity of food, because the sated buff is interrupted on damage. Going 1-4 hours without taking any damage is … well, I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s not really going to happen :wink:



One thing at a time!

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I think Valheim has a pretty good food system where food just bufs your health and stamina. It could work really well in Conan Exiles.

I have a love-hate relationship with the food system in that game. :laughing:

Keeping in mind the devs idea of not wanting food to be a “healing item” , I would love to see the food reworked with some meaning , there could be so many way to make it relevant again , receipes that needs complex steps to make should provide a longer " no need to eat or drink " buff , and a much longer ( depending on it’s effect ) buff to cool or hot if spicy or refreshing ect for starters , some that contain aloe , should be the only ones that have a bit of efficient healing power ( but not to the point at it obscures the wraps and potions of course but also depending on their difficulty to craft ) , with all food keeping the low sated buff , as it tends to be usefull and a early game solution to health issues.

of course this is just my point of view though :see_no_evil:


My apologies, I had no idea what that meant. And to be honest, if I had known that’s what it meant, I probably wouldn’t have replied at all :man_shrugging:

As Kanza1 stated above, it’s just about relevance for me. They don’t have to do healing whatsoever but basic attribute buffs, hot/cold resistance, poison/acid resistance or even excretion…it’s really kind of open. Could have one that increases % chance of finding named thralls…idk, just spit balling I guess. I’m not certain exactly what’s within the realm of possibility.

I think it’s silly to ask for people’s opinion on 25% of an idea. I have no problem with that 25%, but I may have problems with the other unmentioned effects. Where we land on those effects may sway my opinion in the opposite direction making my initial answer moot.

I dislike the food system in Valheim, especially early on. You have to constantly eat food to keep your char combat ready or even do some basic harvesting. It is very annoying, it gets better once you are able to craft better food that lasts longer but still pretty annoying to maintain in my opinion.

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